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6 Reasons Your Logo Is More Important Than You Think

A logo may seem like a small detail that doesn’t need much attention after the initial design phase, but it’s actually a crucial element of your branding and very beneficial to many aspects of your business.  Like it or not, your logo is the face of your business. It represents your company and its values. … Continued

Using Web Design to Lower Bounce Rates

Is your website not delivering the results you’re looking for despite all the optimization you’ve done to it? You might have to go back to square one and take a look at one of the pillars of your site—its overall design. If you want people to spend time on your site, it should look appealing, … Continued

5 Ways Chatbots Can Help Your Financial Website

People will always choose a financial advisor they can trust. But how do you gain their trust? You need to be able to display a degree of expertise that will give them the confidence to let you manage their money. You also need to be able to communicate with people effectively and build a relationship … Continued

Common SEO Mistakes Financial Advisors Need to Avoid

The world of SEO can be very confusing and difficult to understand even for the most intelligent and digital savvy individuals. For a typical financial advisor, it’s new and uncharted territory that presents new challenges. But it’s essential to the success of your website and the growth of your firm, so you need to have … Continued