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Digital Marketing Tools Every Financial Advisor Needs

Nowadays, it’s essential for you as a financial advisor to fully embrace digital marketing if you want to stay ahead of the competition and attract more clients. 

This is easier said than done. It involves taking on many new roles and regularly coming up with new marketing campaigns so you can generate more interest in your practice. 

It’s definitely easier to outsource this type of work to a consultant or digital marketing agency that has years of experience in this field. But if you have a decent understanding of the processes involved, you can make better decisions down the road. 

If you want to try out the different aspects of digital marketing on your own, you’ll need to learn how to use different tools to help you with tasks such as performance analytics, social media management, graphic design, and task automation.

To help you get started in the right direction, here are a couple of essential digital marketing tools that can be used for any financial advisor practice.


Hubspot is an extremely powerful platform that offers a lot of important digital marketing tools. It has a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that can help you keep track of your leads and prospects. Using Hubspot, you can automate your email campaigns and also easily create landing pages and lead magnets. It also has a great analytics platform that shows you how well your different campaigns are performing, all in one place.

Redtail CRM

If you prefer a CRM platform that’s designed specifically for financial advisors, check out Redtail CRM. It not only offers lead and contact management, workflow automations, and powerful reporting features, it also offers lots of integration with third party fintech platforms like Morningstar, Riskalyze, MoneyGuidePro, Schwab and Wealth Access.


Mailchimp is a great marketing automation tool if you just want to focus on learning how to use email marketing. It’s one of the most popular email tools in the industry and is extremely easy to use. If you just want to get your feet wet, you can use their free package which allows up to 2,000 contacts.


If you want to maximize your reach, you can’t ignore social media. However, keeping up with different business profiles on multiple social media pages can be quite exhausting. Buffer solves this problem by giving you a dashboard that allows you to monitor all your social media accounts, schedule posts, and engage with all your followers all in one place. You can also check out other platforms that offer similar functionality such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Agorapulse.


Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design tool that allows you to quickly add some flair to your social media posts, newsletters, and other marketing materials using its large selection of pre-made templates. It helps you reduce costs and saves you time because you won’t need a graphic designer who’s always on standby to work on simple projects like social media images to accompany your posts. 


Chatbots allow you to engage with new leads any time of the day. MobileMonkey allows you to easily integrate a chatbot into your website and automate responses to your website visitors’ most common questions. You can even use it to customize your responses on Facebook Messenger and Instagram. 


Anchor gives you an easy to use platform for uploading podcasts to different distribution networks. Podcasts are a great way to increase brand awareness and gives your audience an easier way to consume your content. Unlike blogs, people don’t have to set aside time just to hear what you have to say. They can hear your thoughts on financial topics while they’re driving or tending to their daily chores. Podcasts are much easier to set up than webinars or videos. All you have to do is record audio and do some editing.

Google Alerts

Setting up a Google Alert lets you monitor for any new activity online that includes your name or your brand. Online reputation management is crucial for any business, especially financial advisors, because you want to immediately address any press, whether positive or negative, that involves your company. 

Make Digital Marketing Easier

Learning how to use these tools is just the beginning. Over time, digital marketing can become overwhelming for one person or even a small team.

If you’d like to give your digital marketing efforts a boost, contact us at AltaStreet through the contact form below. We’ve been helping financial advisors successfully establish their digital marketing strategies for over 10 years.

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