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AltaStreet has a myriad of features that can be added to your website. We are always coming up with new ways to make your website better.

Compliance Manager

AltaStreet’s “Website Compliance Manager” sets us apart for other web design companies, making us the go-to favorite for financial brokers. With this management system, advisors can satisfy their compliance obligations. The AltaStreet Compliance Manager is integrated into the website content management workflow. This means that any updates to your website won’t be published until the new content is reviewed and approved by the appropriate compliance department.

Job Board

Recruit top talent with our easy-to-use job board while keeping people on your website. Our job board allows your staff to post, update and manage position openings. It will also notify you of new applications and allow candidates to post their information and resumes easily. This useful page will help you find the perfect employee for your team.

Client Vault

In your business, efficiency and confidentiality are key. Having integrated into our system, the AltaStreet “Client VAULT” provides a secure method of document storage and collaboration between advisor and client. Simply create a unique username and password for each client, and upload documents from any web browser. Whether you share documents with individuals or a group, you control when they are seen and by whom while keeping your website visitors on your website.


Let other people promote your business with customer testimonials. Our “Testimonial Module” lets you display, add, edit, delete and sort all your glowing customer feedback. Testimonials can be in the form of text and/or video.


The FAQ is one of the most visited pages on any website. Our “FAQ Module” gives you the tools to effectively display and manage this vital info. Our FAQs are designed with creativity and clarity in mind. Your visitors will be informed and impressed.

Slide Shows

Slideshows are a great way to engage visitors. They’re usually shown on a homepage, but the flexibility of our sites means that they can be put anywhere you want. Our “Slideshow Module” will help you display and manage this great visual feature.

Client Portal

Our Client Portal lets you interact and engage with clients directly through your website. Through this portal, clients can login and directly connect with their advisor. You can collaborate with clients, while adding articles, messages, video content or files available to be seen by everyone or only to specified people. You can also post news and upcoming events to stay connected. Versatile and functional, this feature brings the special benefits of a face-to-face meeting online.

Responsive Design

This is an industry standard. So yes, of course, all AltaStreet websites are responsive, which means that they display properly on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


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