6 Reasons Your Business Logo Is More Important Than You Think

Logos have become the ‘most important quarter-inch’ in business.

– Fortune.com

In an ever-increasing market competition it is important for a business to ensure that they are easy to spot. This is where a Logo comes into play. A Logo is a strategic tool that may represent an office, a business, institution, authority or an idea. In the simplest of terms, a logo is a design, icon, or mark that identifies your company. It’s the most compact visual representation of the whole idea you want to share with your customers.

Just like an application logo on the phone screen represents not just the brand but a whole idea of services it provides, a logo represents a lot more than just a brand.

Some of the purposes solved by a logo are as follows:

Representing a Business

A logo is generally a pictorial representation of services provided by a business. It acts as a representative of the summed up idea, the organization wants to convey as well as to quickly grab the attention of the audience by its appearance.

Identity and Branding

A logo acts as an Identity card for a business. It helps loyal customers find your product easily while attracting new customers to check out your products as well. In a market full of similar products, a logo helps your customers to distinguish your product from the others. While designing a logo, it is very important that the colors, shapes, image, and font used must be consistent with the idea that is to be communicated. In short, it’s very important that your logo delivers the correct message about your company.

Sign of Trust

A Logo not just represents the organization but it also represents the ethics, values and customer’s past experience with your product and services. People around the world prefer brands that promise the best quality and customer services. Customer testimonials are very important in branding any business.


Ease of Marketing

Once a brand is established, its logo speaks for itself. It accommodates the brand recognition and makes marketing far easier. It also creates more business opportunities as more and more people want to associate with him a well-established brand.

Global Recognition Distinguish you from Competition

Nowadays successful companies go global in short periods of time. Their logos play a crucial role in making first impressions and attracting new customers helping overcome the language and cultural barriers.  A good logo not only reflects who you are but also distinguishes you from everybody else in the market.

A logo plays a crucial role in marketing and is widely used on Business cards, Stationery, Signage, Vehicles, Uniforms, Web-design, Social Media, Certificates, etc.

Ensuring Sales

In this globalized world, people are drawn to interesting designs and colors. A unique and effective logo generates the interest and pique the curiosity of potential customers.  Many companies like 3M and Xiaomi manufacture a wide variety of products that the customer does not expect them to venture into.  In such cases, it’s their brand logo that ensures people of quality and inspires them to buy the products.


A unique and distinctive logo makes your brand or business easy to remember. This is because of human’s tendency to identify images easily and it’s something that’ll grow stronger and more impactful brand image in the mind of the audience with time.

5 Ways to Improve Organic CTR of Your Website

In organic SEO, there are more than a hundred key metrics that are used to measure the success of any website. Even in the era of paid marketing, the search engine still remains one of the important sources of traffic for the websites which highlights the importance of SEO. CTR plays an important role in Search Engine marketing. So before discussing how to improve CTR for your website let us understand what CTR is in reference to SERP.


Click-Through Rate (CTR) is the ratio of the number of times a result page gets clicked get divided by the number of times it shows up on SERPs i.e. the no. of impressions.


After getting defined in very simple I think everyone is now aware of the importance of CTR for any website. It is extremely important for one who deals with financial advisor websites, e-commerce websites, Lead generation Website or any product-based business website. Here I am sharing five important ways that help to improve your Google click-through rates on the organic SERPs using SEO.


“Organic CTR” refers that we’re not looking at paid ads in SERPs—only free listing organic results are considered”.


In 2015 a very important updation in Google Algorithm RankBrain makes the CTR more important than before. Even high DA sites don’t guarantee to have a high click-through rate. In fact, the survey suggests that good CTR improves your website search engine ranking by greater than 3%. It plays an important role in lead generation websites where effective leads are important like Financial Advisor Website, Job Posting Sites, real estate websites, etc. Let’s discuss the five most important factors that have great SEO impact and also helps in improving your Organic Click Through Rate (CTR ) for your website.


  1.   Search Intent
  2.   Use Emojis in the Content
  3.   Optimized and Descriptive SEO Meta Tags (Title and Descriptions)
  4.   Descriptive and Optimized URLs
  5.   Rich Snippets and Structured Data


Search Intent:  Try to make sure your content is highly informative and relevant to what users are looking for. Relevancy is the most important thing that can help you in improving your organic click-through rate.


Use of Emojis: Use relevant Emojis in your Meta Tags as well as content to grab attention. Google has been experimenting with this in Mobile SERPs since 2012. Emojis makes your page more compelling when indexed in SERPs with Emojis in Titles and Descriptions.


Optimized Titles and Descriptions: Try to write titles and descriptions for humans not for robots. To improve organic CTR, descriptive Titles and Meta Descriptions play an important role in increasing CTR and ranking as well. This is the first thing a user can see in the SERPs and influences a searcher whether he/she is going to click on your link or not. So come up with unique, catchy and creative as per character limit.


Optimized URLs:  Descriptive URL structure is a great way to increase your CTR. It is one place where you should place keywords in order to optimize it. A descriptive URL gets 25% more clicks than generic URLs.


Rich Snippets and Structured Data: Featured rich snippets and structured data always play a key role in improving organic CTR of your website. It is a great way to make your result page look different from the rest of the SERPs.  Generally, most featured snippets are equipped with two parts – the text and an Image.


To round-up, we’ve outlined here with five points, but there are countless ways for you to improve organic CTR and SERP ranking for any website in Google like Website speed, Design, Navigation, etc. This will send important signals to Google that your page is most relevant to the respective searching term which results in more clicks.

Increase Revenue of Your Financial Business through Re-targeting

Let’s admit it that Finance is not the most marketable industry. Social media marketer always struggle to do marketing of finance-related services, because finance is not a captivating topic for masses. Moreover, financial marketers always face the challenge to gain the trust of people, where only 32% of people rely on the banking system. Hence we came with some master method which can help you to increase your revenue of financial business through retargeting.


Here you go with the top 5 methods:


Re-communicate with your Lost Visitors: Suppose, If Madonna releases any song what will happen? Though she is an old singer, she still got that buzz in her die-hard fan following. It is because people already know her. Releasing a new song from the old singer is like recalling her previous legacy and celebrating the new big hit. The same concept goes with the brands retargeting, which allows you to reconnect with the individuals, who have a basic knowledge about your brand, business, product, and services.


Build Loyalty: Every brand wants to stay in front of their potential customers. Remarketing allows you to do it with the company’s information and news, along with the special offers. It helps a business to create awareness, which is fully able to drive the crowd in your site with the repeat visits.


The rule of seven: The marketing rules say that a consumer needs to listen and see your message regarding products and services for at least seven times to take any action. The remarketing ads are based on the most common marketing rule of seven. It takes a whole week or 7 days to deliver the ads among their potential customers. This way marketer sends a small reminder to the masses about your brand.


Be Creative with Ads & promotions:   In this highly competitive world, there is not a shortage of more creative ad creators, who better knows that how to trigger or provoke the ad viewer or reader for buying the focused product. Retargeting uses cookies and tags the visitor, which gives you a warm lead. If a person had an interest regarding your product then a little more emphasized ad campaign can drive the amazing number of audiences on your landing page.


Showcase your Brand: Moreover, remarketing allows you to keep your brand in the front of people, when they surf the internet, whether it is a blog, YouTube channel, Social media sites, and website. However, they will not buy your product instantly but showing them products regularly is like printing about you in their mind. It is a very effective method of marketing because it directly plays with human psychology.



Bottom line


If you think retargeting is a magical pill, then you’re right because it can boost your overall sales by 16% to 28% on an average. Only hustling for increasing reach is not a smart work, you may have spent a lot of money in the marketing of new products, but couldn’t get enough from it. Sometimes recalling is enough for gaining huge success. Thus, retargeting allows you to maintain your legacy in the market.

We hope that our piece helped you to understand the focused topic. Don’t forget to give your feedback in the comment box.

5 Psychology Tips That You Can Use In Copywriting

Writing copy is hard and writing persuasive copy is even harder. There is an abundance of content based on how to write copy or how to write persuasive copy but a perfect technique can turn readers into customers. A good copywriter must have the ability to arrange the words in a row that emit thought and emotional connection, engage the reader and drive action.


Interestingly, you can mix up the art of science with the rhythm of words to evoke interesting writing.


Check out Psychology based tips that can be overpowered in copywriting.


  1. Use positive language

It’s not what you have written, its more how you have written. Without any doubt, a reader never wants to go through positive and negative points but they more focus on how it influences their work. So, in your writing, frame the information in such a pattern that it reflects positivity instead of negative thoughts.


Make sure the language is impressive and display what you are offering. At the same time, it’s not like you should never implement negative language but once in a while is perfectly fine.


  1. Add valuable content

After investing quality time and efforts, what is the use if people won’t read your content fully? Surely you will disappoint.


Research the relevant sites, blogs and articles to collect healthy information that can be the first aid for your words. Feel like this is a do and die moment for you so put the best information in the writing.


For some topics, approximate value matters a lot. Survey different platforms and reckon the variation in percentage to fuel your writing.


  1. Beginning and ending should be appealing

In today’s cut-throat world, people hardly effort the time to spend on reading the whole article and blog. However, masses believe to get a core idea of a subject by reading the beginning and end of the content.


There is no denying in the notion that alluring start-up and end-up can make people fall in love with your copywriting. Hence, a contract of website copywriting services will be registered in your account. Give your 100% efforts on the introduction and wrap up portion because generally, people avoid reading the middle.


  1. Use powerful words

Lift up your copywriting skills with the involvement of robust words. There are some quotes and words that can leave a stronger effect on a reader. These smart strategies can create an emotional connection and make a copywriting more meaningful. You can use words like imagine, instantly and others. Put the words in copywriting that filled with juices so that the reader can taste the flavor.


  1. Convey a story

Information wrapped with the emotion called story and seems more genuine as compared to just writing words line by line. Describe the message in story form that will stay in readers’ minds for years. Insert fun and professional elements where required.


These are some psychology tips and if you imbibe them in your copywriting you will realize a great improvement in your work. Hence, more interaction with your copy will be the final outturn.

How to Build Brand Identity for A Financial Advisor Firm?

A brand is not just a word, a logo, and a tagline; it is an absolute experience a client gets by your business. In simple words, a brand is a foundation for marketing purposes.


Brand building is neither easy nor difficult, eventually, it relies on planning and how you execute it. Therefore, it is of utmost important to include all pertinent facts that drag your business towards success. Once you have done with this, you will realize the following key points for your brand:


  • Products and services
  • Target audience
  • Process
  • Value proposition
  • Success rate


Whenever you go in-depth with financial advisors and their branding, the very first thing you notice is an unattractive and boring brand. Do you want to extend this boring concept? Absolutely nobody dares to perform the same. In this criterion, you should go with phenomenal branding for financial advisor. On the flip side, there are substantial perks that can assist your business to grow its identity amidst the audience.


Scroll down to imbibe each element to create a strong brand identity!


Powerful brand name

Without any confusion, your first step should be a company name. If you are an independent financial advisor or running a firm, it is critical to register a robust name for your organization. Generally, people name their companies after themselves and its pretty worthy but this same thing you cannot carry out for an agency. Additionally, carefully evaluate the pros and cons of the name you are planning to use for your brand and finally take further action.


Ultimate financial strategy

Financial strategy: A fabulous work to win the competition. Spend quality time and efforts in the investment process to makeover your brand. If you have a solid plan to run, make sure you incorporate that into your brand marketing.


An expert hand is another required perk that can help to grow up branding methodology. The agency like AltaStreet is extremely supportive, creative and stands by your side to create your unique identity on the floor.


Understand what makes brand identity great

A simple logo and color palette don’t create a brand identity. When you have a plan to design brand identity, involve a comprehensive visual language that can support your business everywhere. Start with basic requirements such as logo, colors, typography, photography, videos, and data visualization.

By designing these elements, you cannot succeed so when starting your design process, don’t forget to include:


Distinct identity: Having a unique identity will help your business to stand out from the competitors. Hence, it catches the audience’s attention.

Unforgettable: Make the logo unforgettable so that people remember it for years.

Flexible: Make the brand scalable and flexible that can easily revolve.


Do some research work

When you start a branding project, it’s important to approach every phase of your competitors to grab success. This means when you have an abundance of knowledge then only dive into the designing format.


Initially, make the foundation stronger based on your research work and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and work accordingly.


Final persona

In the world of art, if you water down your brand information to impress everyone, you will be lost in between the track. In order to avoid such circumstances, review this article and follow it as much as you can.

Useful Tips to Choose a Professional SEO Copywriting Service Provider

Choosing a professional SEO copywriter is a vital parameter as well as a challenging task in the SEO strategy. The clarity in the writing is another valuable aspect in order to entertain your audience. In addition to this, website writing should be toned up with every changing search engines’ algorithms.

Hundreds to thousands of SEO copywriting services are there to finalize from. This is the reason, it is very hard to choose the most promising Financial Services Copywriter. Here is a list of useful tips that one should keep in mind while selecting a professional SEO copywriting service provider.

Scroll down and get the best outturns.

Hit the search engine, Google

While exploring on Google, you might come across a bunch of articles or blogs posted by different copywriting service providers. With those resources, you might aware of their capabilities and their way of interaction with the audience. At the end of each post, there are some comments mentioned by readers and you can get an idea of who is the best for your project.


Review samples of website copywriting

Before sticking to a final decision, review some samples of a couple of copywriters. Readout their ideas and thought-processing on financial business. Furthermore, analyze and ask yourself is this writing can turn to be effective and boost your website traffic?

Well, it is a very serious question and you can dive into the same for more than one time to gather lucrative outcomes in the favor of your business.


Discuss your project in detail and ask questions

Without any interpretation, SEO copywriting is the sort of writing to convince, convert and sale. Pull out all the information regarding your financial advisors’ business and represent them in front of a professional copywriting service provider. Share your marketing strategy, business goals and objectives you want to achieve.

Don’t stop here, keep moving!

Put your queries on the table for your peace of mind. Question them what kind of copywriting they will execute to present your website on the top search engine pages because whole SEO marketing depends upon effectual copywriting.


In the nutshell, make your expectations realistic. Never try to chase imaginary things that can’t exist. Website copywriters play with words, not magical sticks. They can boost your services by indulging in the right copywriting tricks.

15 Stats That Prove the Importance of Local SEO into Your Business

Business! Small or big who cares, but local SEO strategy must be lined up in the important business tasks. Many masses or business owners more focus on global SEO ranking, but what about the local SEO plan. The Financial Advisor Marketing Services start flourishing from the local network, further they connect with international customers. Here we have gathered 15 stats that show the value of local SEO in your finance, insurance, and any other business.


  1. The first concern of potential customers is to look for a local online company. Approximately 96% of people investigate the locally available agency than outside their region.

  2. Around 90% of traffic originating from local searchers.

  3. 72% of visitors explore the company which is closer to their existing location.

  4. 30% of mobile users search for local availability.

  5. 67% of smartphone users click the ads containing their city Zip code.

  6. The computer or tablet users are more target the ads which are customized with their city postal code. The research declares 72% of people are dealing with the same concept.

  7. 46% of searches are on Goggle for local results.

  8. Out of 3 veteran people, 2 go online to visit local agencies.

  9. A total of 28% searches go with the checkout option.

  10. Keywords like ‘near me’ and ‘close by’ arise up by 900% according to a source called chat meter.

  11. 18% of local people purchase the item whereas 7% non-native skip the deal.

  12. As per a recent report, 61% of marketers are giving priority to SEO local ranking.

  13. Quality content and backlinks are two essential parameters to bring traffic to your websites.

  14. Source says 10 countries’ users including the U.S. and Japan are implementing their searches on mobile devices rather than computers or laptops.

  15. Over 63,000 searches per second are measured by Google.


The SEO ranking values your business when you target the right audience. As many business owners know all traffic is not good because some are landing on your website by carrying the wrong ideas in their mind. So figure out the right customers at the right time in order to avoid any irrelevant action to take place with your business.


Hopefully, this article will help you to understand how the local SEO strategy boosts your business ranking on the search engines.

How Social Media Engagement is Important for Your Business Growth?

In 2019, business success depends upon social media marketing. It is a powerful medium to reach customers. In the digital era, people spending half of a day on social media for the sake of their business whereas others are to entertain themselves. The maximum users are engaged with social channels; therefore, a brand can easily capture an individual’s attention.


Scroll down and you will study the benefits of social media engagement to boost your business reputation. Further, you will learn, how social media engagement is a core part of marketing. This is an ultimate trick to create a buzz of your services on the market.


Is social media beneficial for business?

Whether your business has a social account or not, but according to research theory, around 80% of people are running their fingers on the mobile screen to log in their social accounts on the daily basis.


There is no question in the statement that social media is a power bank to recharge your business website.


Social media is cost-effective than traditional marketing:

Look back and analyze traditional advertisement format. Printing thousands of posters and pamphlets is very costly and moreover to deliver it at every single corner of the city or country is terrible. With advancement, social media is successful to replace traditional or expensive marketing strategies. A single share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can reach millions of users. A single re-tweeted message can deliver to hundreds or thousands of masses within a couple of seconds at zero cost.


Brand awareness:

Nowadays, financial advisor marketing services are not only delivering by single but countless agencies. It is not possible to keep an eye out on all the brands. When you create a social account and interact with your ideal customers, there is much possibility that your brand gets recognization. If your Instagram and Twitter followers are increasing, it depicts people get conscious of your brand.


As per record, 85% of companies are considering brand awareness is a key point in their marketing strategy.


Quick action:

Facebook and Twitter are more reliable platforms to inquire about financial services. It has been observed that people frequently go to these platforms to say greeting words to businesses.


A report has declared that in 2019, around 8 billion messages have been exchanged between a Facebook messenger and a business representative. This is just because users expect a quick response to their query and fortunately, social media helps them to fulfill their demand.



Social media is a measurable tool to get a record of how many customers pay attention to your brand. Social media engagement is counted as a powerful marketing strategy despite competitors. Your business can get easy growth by delivery quality posts and offering exclusive options to your customers.

10 SEO Copywriting Tips For Financial Advisors to Skyrocket their Website’s Traffic

In the digital era, optimizing SEO content is an imperative part in order to register your organization at the top of Search engine results. All across the world, the maximum users have relied on Google. With growing online products, processing and competition, there is a need to give a push to copywriting strategy.


The writing seems professional when it is well presentable with keywords to target the audience. There are some SEO practices that optimize your website against competitors. Writing quality content with the addition of SEO formulas will bring a change in your online business.


Let’s go downward to study top10 SEO copywriting tips for financial services.


  • Keyword strategy: Google embarks penalties to websites who are involving in keyword stuffing. Make a powerful strategy based on researched keywords to write content.


  • Content should be readable: The financial services copywriter has to write appealing content to impress their audience. You are writing for humans not machines, so the content must be readable.


  • Add images and videos: Visual attraction is the most essential thing to connect the viewers with your content.


  • Use local keywords: At the initial stage of your business, keep focussing on local keywords to create SEO friendly content.


  • Mobile-friendly content: Your business will be considered as out of the track if you fail to reflect mobile-friendly content for your mobile fans and followers.


  • Follow bucket brigade technique: In order to reduce bounce rates and engage customers on your website, use the bucket brigade technique accurately. The first way is to implement short paragraphs with short sentences instead of lengthening the content with unnecessary wordings. Use good transitional words such as so, however, hence, etc.


  • Quality link-building strategy: The one effective strategy to pull your website out on the top of search engine results is by maintaining quality links for your business. It will contribute to your SEO strategy as well.


  • Meta titles and meta descriptions: These are the outer appearance of your business. Therefore, writing should be like a visitor falls in love with your business through meta titles and descriptions.


  • Add references: Your writing will be more clear if you add references to the text. It not only enhances the quality of your work but allows you to shine on Google with your brand name.


  • Call-to-action: A call to action is a great piece of content and in many ways, it benefits the business traffic. With an aim to acquire more information, the user may take a further step by clicking on the ‘call to action’ button.


At the root of it, SEO optimization plays a crucial role to improve website traffic. Review the above tips in-depth and implement in your profession to improve the quality of your work as well as business reputation.

Secrets to Creating a Visual Brand Identity For Your Financial Business

The key to success is standing apart from competitors visually. It is not a formula for just a single business but multiple businesses rely on it. To develop a distinctive brand identity is the norm of the business line.


If you talk of Financial Advisor Branding, again it’s important to build a story that tells the consistent and coherent of a brand. But what are the secrets that break a chain of confusion and leverage your audience?


Let’s go through the nitty-gritty of brand identity.


Introduction of visual brand identity

The visual identity is defined as the visual representation of a brand. It consists of logo design, images, and other visual stuff that help to communicate with visitors.


The Hidden weapons to create an effective visual brand identity are as follows:


Research the competitors

As you want to highlight your brand in the crowd, likewise others are involved in the research activities.


With utmost dedication and passion, explore what other businesses are performing to establish their existence. Research what are their strengths and where they are lacking. Further, compare these parameters with your business and pull out the best results to represent your brand.


List out key elements of brand identity

The introduction part is all over now!

It’s real-time to embark design process but are you confused about where to start?

Understand the key points that bring your brand under the spotlight. Schedule everything in a list like:

  • What is your mission?
  • What type of services are you offering?
  • What is your brand voice?


Natural and organic shapes

The organic shapes such as rectangles, triangles, and squares put a heavy impression on a visitor.


Instead of going with complex designs, try using natural shapes as they are more pure and impressive.


Color scheme

People share a strong bond with colors so the right choice matters a lot, especially in visual branding.


Want to present a brand that looks more sophisticated?

In the modern world, black and white colors are replaced by bright shades such as red, yellow and green. This time, mix different shades to reflect positives vibes. Measure a color wheel to figure out the light and dark tone for your brand.


Environmental graphics

The graphics are the smallest portion of a brand that declares it at an international level but you cannot afford to leave it at the last stage of the branding process.


The environmental signage and graphics make the audience to think of the reality of your brand. It is one of the strongest visual brand strategies to bring out your business from the crowd.


Look at your brand as a visitor and inquire yourself is it well presentable to explain who you are. We are leaving you with a question mark (?) to review some other relevant queries on it.