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Why Your Financial Advisor Firm Needs to Be on Facebook

If you think Facebook is just for catching up with friends and family, or spreading memes and fake news articles, think again. 

Facebook is the Most Popular Social Media Platform

Every business, big or small, should have a presence on the most popular social media platform. Facebook has more than 2.7 billion monthly users all over the world, and the average U.S. Facebook users spend about 38 minutes a day on the platform. 

A lot of your prospects, leads, and potential clients are on Facebook regularly, making it one of the best platforms to use to increase awareness for your brand. 

Showcase the Different Sides of Your Business

If your website is all professional and business-oriented, Facebook allows you to show the human side of your firm. You can use the platform to feature your team, your company, and your community. 

People actually welcome these types of posts where they can connect with your brand on an emotional level. Instead of just being a regular faceless company, your followers get to see the people running the show which makes your firm more transparent and trustworthy.

Keep Your Followers Updated

Facebook is a great place to keep your clients and prospects updated about your business. Not everyone is going to open all your email newsletters or regularly visit your website for updates. But they can all easily just jump on to your Facebook page for the latest updates about your firm. 

They’ll also be able to easily see any old posts/updates you’ve made in the past by simply scrolling through your business page. And most importantly, your followers will also be able to automatically see any new posts or updates you make directly through their news feeds. 

Learn About Your Target Audience

One of the most powerful tools that Facebook (and other social media platforms) offers is the ability to clearly define who your followers are, what they like, and how they interact with you. This type of market data allows you to better optimize your branding and content strategy.

Easily Interact With Your Audience

Simply having a Facebook page gives you another channel to communicate and engage with your target audience. Instead of calling your phone or sending you an email, a lot of people will find it easier to just comment on one of your posts or send you a direct message on Facebook. If other people see that you regularly and promptly reply to comments, they’ll get the impression that you’re easy to deal with. 

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