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5 Ways Chatbots Can Help Your Financial Website

People will always choose a financial advisor they can trust. But how do you gain their trust?

You need to be able to display a degree of expertise that will give them the confidence to let you manage their money. You also need to be able to communicate with people effectively and build a relationship with them.

With the help of chatbots and AI, your clients can get answers to their questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gives them constant reassurance that you’re there for them and eases any concerns they may have using messaging that’s consistent with your brand.

Here are a couple of reasons why chatbots are an excellent addition to any financial website.

Frees up Crucial Customer Service Resources

Research has shown that chatbots can handle up to 80% of routine questions that you or your customer service frontliners have to deal with every day.

A chatbot can also quickly filter out spam messages and interactions. This frees up a lot of valuable resources, which you can then focus on resolving more important issues.

With enough data and good AI, you can even train your chatbots to answer more advanced queries that can further reduce the load on your frontline staff.

Ensures 24/7 Coverage

Adding a chatbot to your financial site lets you interact with your clients on at least a basic level even in the middle of the night. A pressing concern during off hours or when you’re on vacation can often be addressed by a bot.

Chatbots can provide additional information that may not be able to fully resolve an issue, but can at least put your clients’ minds at ease. Bots can respond immediately and can quickly alleviate any growing concerns. In many cases, users can hardly tell if they’re talking to a machine or a human. It doesn’t really matter who is delivering the message. Sometimes, all a client needs is a prompt response and some form of reassurance.

You can train a chatbot to let customers know when they can expect a reply from you or give them other ways to contact you and your team. Ideally, your chatbot should be smart enough to be able to quickly suggest possible solutions or answers that can point your client in the right direction.

Boosts Engagement and Customer Satisfaction

Whenever you’re up to your neck addressing multiple client concerns, there are going to be times when you simply cannot handle any more requests due to lack of manpower.

A chatbot never gets tired and can reply to multiple customers simultaneously. If you have a chatbot, you’ll have at least one channel that never drops or refuses incoming clients due to being too overworked.

When you have a bot manning the helm, your business can interact with and respond to every potential or existing client that has a concern.

Chatbots can also significantly decrease the number of dropped or bounced chat sessions where clients just gave up after waiting too long for a response from a live agent. This should help nudge your customer satisfaction numbers a few points higher.

Opens up More Lead Gen Opportunities

A chatbot is an excellent resource for generating new leads and collecting information from your target audience. Having a chatbot on your website that’s always ready to collect information from website visitors means you can constantly collect data about your target audience.

A chatbot session can tell potential clients how to set up an appointment, which department or people to contact, or when they expect to get a response back from a member of your staff. In return, your customers are giving you more information about themselves and what their issues are.

Gain more Insights About Your Market

What else can you do with all the data your chatbot is able to capture from your site visitors? You can use this new data to further analyze the needs of your user base and prioritize the most important ones.

This crucial data can help shape the future of your business and drive you to make operational decisions you wouldn’t have normally made if there was no data to back it up.

You can also use the consistent stream of customer feedback your chatbot is able to capture as a barometer for how well your business is going. This data is an extremely valuable resource to your business if you know how to analyze it properly.

Final Words

Chatbots may seem like a frivolous use of your time and money at the moment. But eventually, more and more people are going to expect that many customer service interactions will be promptly resolved by a bot.

More and more companies are adopting the technology, and interacting with a bot is quickly becoming a daily thing for many. We have Siri and Google Assistant on our phones, and many have Alexa at home helping us sort out some of our daily concerns.

AI technology is also advancing very quickly, and has made huge leaps and bounds in the last five years or so. In just a few years, pretty much every company will have a chatbot on their website.

If you don’t act soon, your competitors might get a huge head start in the chatbot and AI game, and make changes today that will propel their business forward into the future.

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Using Web Design to Lower Bounce Rates

Is your website not delivering the results you’re looking for despite all the optimization you’ve done to it?

You might have to go back to square one and take a look at one of the pillars of your site—its overall design.

If you want people to spend time on your site, it should look appealing, be easy to navigate, and provide the information they’re looking for.

Your target audience needs to see your website as a reliable source of information. But if the site doesn’t look very useful, your site visitors are more likely to click off and not bother finding it from your site—no matter what amazing content it provides.

Your website is an extension of your business. It’s your own space on the Internet. It should be just as inviting and professional looking as your actual place of business or office. A properly designed website should give your business more credibility and should be at least on par with what your target clientele expects.

Let’s take a look at a couple of fundamental web design tips that will help keep users glued to your site and coming back for more.

Consider the Colors

Having your own website means you have all the freedom to make it entirely your own. It’s all up to you and your team to ensure that all the client-facing aspects of your site represent your brand accurately.

If you already have a well-established color theme for your brand, don’t be afraid to mix it up by adding more pleasing hues to your website’s graphic design.

Don’t forget the colors of the fonts and text on your site. Make sure it’s easy to read so that people can easily see what to click on next by just quickly glancing at different parts of the page.

Great Graphics and Images

You should take advantage of the web’s fantastic ability to present different visual design elements, text, and information. People are more likely to check out other parts of your website if your page elements look interesting.

Don’t just focus your graphic design on your logo and corporate identity. A bland looking website won’t leave a good impression on your audience. Allocate some of your resources on designing a unique and coherent look for your entire site, so that your website doesn’t just look like everybody else’s.

Use a combination of multimedia to help point people in the right direction. You can add infographics to different sections of your site so that you can present important information quickly to your users. You can also easily incorporate videos and audio to make your site more engaging.

It’s also a good idea to spend some money on high quality images that match perfectly with the message you are trying to send. You can use premium stock photos or hire a photographer who can capture the right look for your brand.

Using your own photos gives you the ability to customize your brand’s messaging so that it will resonate with your target market— whether it’s millennials or CEOs.

Remove the Clutter

Keep in mind that while having fancy graphics and multimedia content is good, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of cluttering up your website with too many confusing design elements.

Don’t be afraid of keeping empty white spaces on your pages. Leaving some parts of your site empty allows you to highlight important content and information. This also makes your visitors more likely to click on other sections of your site to find out more.

Your website should be able to present content and information to your visitors in a continuous flow and in a logical manner. Notice how search engines don’t dump all the search results in one page? People would suffer from information overload if the information wasn’t separated into pages.

Optimize for All Devices 

Making your website look good on both computers and mobile devices is what web designers call responsive design.

With so many ways available to connect to the Internet, you don’t want to leave out a segment of your target market from consuming the content you are trying to present. Always consider how your site’s layout and its design elements look on different screen sizes and resolutions.

It may seem like a lot of extra work, but responsive design is a real concern that you have to regularly address to make sure your site can cater to everybody no matter what they’re using.

Give Visitors Different Ways to Engage With Your Site

If you give people something to do on your website there’s a good chance they’ll stay longer.

There are many things you can do to make your website more dynamic and engaging. Depending on what type of service you offer, you can start with the basics like opt-in or contact forms, an FAQ page, a news section, or a blog.

You can also add buttons and options so that users can easily share your page and your content on social media like Facebook or Twitter.

If visitors find something worth sharing or interacting with on your site even once, there’s a better chance that they’ll come back for more updates.

Final Words

Even if you already have a decent performing website, it’s a good idea to check it every now and then to see if there’s still room for improvement. There could be new things you can try to give your site metrics a small boost. You may be able to use some of the things we mentioned today that you can easily apply to your situation.

Website Design

Amazing Web Design Ideas to Create Better Website Visibility

In the Digital World, an operating and interactive website runs a long way to charge up your business by posting them at an eminent place in Google search engine pages. The most prominent website design and content are featured to grab the audience’s attention.

Merely, the financial website design should be more functioning to generate heavy traffic to a site because the design adds value to a brand.

Scroll down to study web design ideas that improve website visibility.

SEO-Friendly Design: Never underestimate the value of optimizing your site for browser and humans. Follow the right SEO strategy to land your site in the top results by including substantial on-page SEO tags and elements. The use of relevant keywords in the title and content can give a push to site visibility. Develop appealing and readable content to boost the website ranking.

Fast Loading: Nobody has time to wait for your site to load. In today’s cut-throat world, a user expects quick loading so you can use Pingdom or Pagespeed Insights by Google to analyze website speed and alternate to make it fast. Importantly, a website must load quickly on mobile devices. Unfortunately, if the site is not able to respond in strict time, the viewer will lose interest and switch to another website.

Concentrate on Back-Links: Having pertinent keywords to the blog content are not sufficient for ideal web design; the URL, on-page description and back-links are some other basic requirements to grow the business visibility. In fact, the back-links from similar business websites to your blogs and articles or home-page can be extremely reliable to use for marketing aim. Back-links generation can be a little harder but the right way to create back-links is by approaching other sites, relevant to your brand. In other words, naturally written blogs gain more viewers, likewise create more back-links for your business.

CTA Button: What is the use of your official website if you forget to add the ‘Call to action’ button in the design? This can make a user frustrated while they are exploring where to click for further proceedings if they are satisfied with your products and services. Insert the CTA button on the web page and make sure it is clearly visible on the website.

White Space: There is no denying to say that white space is considered as the best way to improve website visibility because a little vacant space around text or images is enough to please the users. Moreover, some extra miles of space can help the viewers to pay attention to every single detail of the business. In an advanced version of a web page, white space earns special preference.

Social Media Icons: Nowadays, social media is a trustworthy platform to introduce your firm worldwide. It is interesting and beneficial for business owners to add social icons on their website. Therefore, the audience can click if they get impressed with your firm and might be making up their minds to follow your social accounts.

An experiment with website design makes you aware of trends. Hence, this is the time for an online renovation of your firm and in this persona, hiring an agency like AltaStreet can prove a good decision for you.

Website Design

Why Website Design is important and how it helps in Making your Business Profitable?

When it comes to website design, there are a plethora of thoughts that need to be collected. Your work of establishing a business or company does not end up just by creating a website, there is a lot more to perform.

Not all but most firms have achieved success by investing in online marketing strategies. Sometimes, it provides you profit but its not always true. Think by moving a step forward and integrate your website with an ideal design.


Importance of website design

As we have discussed in the starting that there is not just one parameter to lead business growth but several others and in all this, website design is the most precious. In true words, website design can make or break your business reputation. A picturesque design can create a difference in your and competitors’ websites. However, it contributes to bringing conversion rates and lucrative outcomes.


Why website design is a cornerstone of your firm?

Although, Financial Website Design costs you a lot, having an attractive design can create outstanding profit for your organization. To bring your business on the peak, its important to hire a professional web designer who can cope up with all the designing conflicts.


Think logical especially when it comes to your financial business. Navigation is imperative if your site has numerous pages. A well-designed navigation bar or menu helps users to scroll for the specific information without getting frustrated. If your site navigation is designed appropriately, users will love to come back to your website.



Nowadays, search engine ranking is the most desirable thing to happen for the growth of your business. It is vital to create an SEO-friendly website design. This can possible when you integrate keywords and users can easily land to your website by searching the same on search engines such as Google, Bing, and yahoo.


Build trust:

People hardly trust poor design. If they find outdated information on your financial website, they prefer to invest in other organizations. A person who is going to spend a tremendous amount of money, they explore the best design that conveys your business message.


A professional website is more successful to build a stronger bond with its audience. Therefore, you will get more opportunities to lead your business.


If you are dreaming to have a sophisticated and updated website design, contact the companies like AltaStreet. We look forward to assisting you in all matters.

Website Design

Ways to Improve Your Online Presence by Investing in a Quality Website Design

Establishing a strong online presence is a harder task. As in the cut-throat world, technology keeps running and it arises up new competitors. The financial website design needs to improve with every trend.


According to reports, there are a total of 1.69 billion active websites on the World Wide Web. This figure makes us think that the digital world is far bigger what we think. For a few decades, the trend of the website is growing drastically. Every small to large scale business is dependent on their respective online websites and they should be! Because it gives a platform to make people aware of their brands.


Furthermore, in this article, we will discuss effective ways to improve the website design of your business.


  1. Mobile-friendly websites

The arrival of mobile technology has brought up a huge change in the way individuals access the internet today.


According to research, it’s highly important to design your website as a mobile-friendly so that billions of users who run their world on a mobile device can quickly explore your business. Additionally, people expect brilliant user-experience and it will be possible if a designer creates a mobile-friendly website.


As per the last discussion, Google is considering mobile-friendly and responsive web design at the top of the ranking. You cannot ignore that search engine ranking adds value to your organization and it helps you to make your firm visible on the internet.


  1. Content creation

Killer content is a king!

Take time and list out all points that you want to add on your website, for instance, products, services, mission, vision, blogs, videos, and contact details.


The content creation is a foundation of your website. It must be of high quality and successful to achieve your primary goals by adding points like:

  • Relevant
  • Informative
  • Fun-loving
  • Understandable


  1. Invest in social media

Social media is a trend in today’s time. This is one tool you can’t afford to skip at any cost especially if you are planning to improve the website design.


Social media is one source that makes people spend their maximum hours in front of a computer, laptop, and mobile phone. It not only improves an individual’s status but also grow business websites.


Why not use this privilege for your websites?

Focus on one social platform at a time. Furthermore, keep adding posts relevant to your business. Utilize the power of social media to improve your networks and therefore, it increases brand awareness.


The bottom line

Building an online presence sounds good but not easy. In today’s world, you can’t survive with a single marketing strategy. It is highly important to collect a wide variety of ideas to invest in a quality web design.

Website Design

Creative Website Design Tips For Financial Advisor to Boost Their Conversion Rate

Embark a new journey of your website with a motive to enhance conversion rate. Smart designing can make all the difference. And your website design can make or break the conversion rates. Sources say 46.1% of people identify that the business is credible or not through its outer appearance. So it’s extreme importance to present your website professionally in front of your audience. With this post, we will discuss some Financial Advisor Website Design tips to boost their conversion rate. Before moving a step forward, let’s understand the actual meaning of conversion rate.


What is the conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the total percentage of visitor’s approach to a website to accomplish the desired goal of your business.

A company always desire to have a high conversion rate as it indicates the success story of your website design. It never stays stable, keeps fluctuating and variable from one industry to another.


Effective website design tips:

  1. Utilize negative space

You might think Negative space means it has some negative connection with website design. But let us make you clear with this word. Technically, the whitespace in a website design which contains nothing: no words, number or images just white is called negative space. It is space between header, content and even sidebar.

Despite the word ‘negative space’, it reflects positivity. This can be used to attract users by adding a ‘call to action’ button.


  1. Bold Typography

The trend of bold typography is running for the last many years and it continues this year too. It is the biggest tool to give a push to your brand because bold typography can create magic for your website. The basic reason behind using this format is, its easy to read and understand and eventually, it will draw the user’s attention.

In simple words, attractive typography can successful to bring new investors to your financial website.


  1. Make all information on one page

Think like a normal user and write all the doubts over a sheet and then get back to designing work. Bring all the informative content over one page instead of splitting the information into different pages. The more user explores, the more they will get frustrated; it means when a user has to click at different links just to get desire data then there is a probability that they will get irritated.

Try to get everything on one page. For instance, if an investor wants to know the new financial scheme that has been launched by your agency, it’s better to elaborate that in short or true words.

Consumer’s expectations are constantly rotating with the trend. You should stay connected with current technology to interact with your visitors.

The main motive to design a website is to help the visitors to reach their required section. So its extremely important to take quick and effective action to fulfill their desire in their style.

Website Design

How Responsive Web Design is Effective for Financial Websites

Responsive websites are websites that accept screen sizes and resolutions of desktop, Android & iPhone, tablets and even TV when connecting it with laptop cable.

Creating a financial web design is a kind of challenge for existing or new designers but who have better capability can definitely win the project.

The recent studies have announced the websites which are not well optimized for mobile devices, losing their traffic. So, at the end of 2018, the global traffic of mobile users has grown up by 79%. And still, the websites which are lacking to make itself mobile-friendly is losing the competition without participating.

The web designing, especially for financial platforms, is becoming important. As it can make your business – By putting trust, authority or brand awareness and even break your business if you call the design is responsive but actually, it’s not. And banker, financial institute and insurance companies haven’t time to upload every detail on desktop, mobile, and tablets separately. But by creating a responsive design they can do all the work in one go.

Your Business will be in a great loss if you’re not following a mobile website because visitors will not engage with websites which don’t display well on their device.  It’s a way that forces the users to attack the back button and run to elsewhere.

The responsive web design is more effective for financial websites – yes its true in all aspects.

Creating your website mobile friendly is not an easy task, it takes so much work and innovative plans. At the same, it requires advanced HTML and CSS skills if you have a clear understanding of these languages then go for it otherwise hire a professional designer to bring spark in your website.

The responsive design follows a few steps to help your business:


Content is inserted to a website when the design is finally approved and developed. As we discussed earlier in an indirect way, the content consists of no value if a user is unable to load your website over their mobile or other devices. Make sure the site is responsive so that the content can be rearranged according to your device screen and clearly differentiate the title, subtitle, and descriptions.

Responsive images

It’s another important topic of responsive designing. It is important because it affects your website speed and search engine ranking.

With the user’s browser device, images will be shrunk to display on their web pages. When big or high pixel images are used by designers then that will take some longer time to load over mobile devices and for that, you need to connect with 4G internet connections.

Google gives first preference to responsive websites (mobile friendly sites) then it gives preference to any other device. The responsive design adds special features such as friction free loading, clear visibility and more easy to work on any electronic device when a desktop is not in the condition to work properly.

This type of website can be built by a fluid grid, flexible text & images and media queries. In a meanwhile, your financial website needs to look great and work appropriately over desktop, mobile phones, and tablets.

Website Design

6 Key Values That Make Web Design Attractive For Financial Websites

Web design is not just an art to visualize, its a collection of different skills to make a website more fascinating in all spheres – typography, background, color scheme, layout and content. All features are infused together when you have a clean and clear direction that guide you about the aspects of design that run towards a common goal.

Develop a website that deals with products and services are quite easy but when it comes to Financial web design, lots of parameters need to be considered. As financial website seems boring, only a few can successful to turn it into an attractive site. Still, have time to renovate your site by concentrating on 6 key values that make it more alluring platform.

  1. Mobile friendly

With time, technology has improved but the bad news is some website designs fail to give mobile experience to users. According to Google, half of the researches have done over smartphones instead of laptop and tablets. The site should be mobile-friendly which can easily run on Android and iPhones.

  1. Improve SEO

Keeping your financial website up with Google and other search engines is a little critical situation. Carefully examine the website design because Google uses various methods to check the effectiveness of your designing. And the good design will get a higher ranking over search engines. Design is not a single key element that makes it unique from other sites; it can be high conversion rates and increased business.

  1. Fast loading

In a busy schedule, no one has time to spend on loading and even no one likes to wait for your site to load. Create a site that can easily browse whether you have a slower internet connection. There are plenty of Google tools to check your website speed, implement them and improve the speed of your site.

  1. Add infographics

Infographics are a more reliable concept. No doubt written content plays an important role but graphic puts great impression over the viewer. Image with attractive content is a more powerful tool to make the design pleasant looking. It impresses the user at his/her first glance.

  1. Easy navigation with animated technology

When a user browses a website, what they look first? Design, then they move to other features. The navigation should be attention-grabbing to offer user experience. Nowadays, there is a trend to replace standard navigation with animated navigation technology. It enhances the traffic to your site when the user finds something unique.

  1. Brand image

Some designers forget to think about what brings the audience to their site. They randomly pick an image and use it but the brand image should be professional and eye catchy. Glossy button, loud colors can be used for other platforms but for a financial site, they may not be right.

The AltaStreet is a professional looking website to give you exact designing what you’re expecting. Set a goal and then hit the right designers to get successful website design.

Financial Advisor Website Design

How Can Website Design Affect SEO Results On Search Engines?

SEO is not just a long-running game of keywords. Obviously, keywords have special importance in SEO, but Google is much sharp to recognize the overall reputation of your business.

How your site deals with search engines, it depends upon design, on-site optimization and user’s experience. As search engines like Google come closer to SEO, it has arisen a fashion to design every element of a site to put a heavy impact on Search engine optimization.

The web designers who have the capability to design emotions/dreams of users lean to be more successive to influence SEO. Having creative minds in a company allows a site to capture the soul of a user and strike search ranking in a robust form. The Financial Website design is one of the elementary aspects that have a positive or negative impression on final outputs.

What are the facts, a website design must have to strike the top rank?

Perfect layout:

A clear or beautifully created layout is a big factor to engage users to your site. With this pattern, users can easily get their answer and will return back to your site soon. Avoid adding over sized images that discard the appearance of content over a site. The incorrect layout shows bad SEO designing. Add relevant blogs and other content but only if required.

Content size:

After putting content to a site, analyse content size properly. A fragile content is useless in SEO. Need to fix extra space, font style, Titles and details. If you want to add testimonials, put it in double commas like “ ”. Keep in mind where content should be small or large in size, which portion should be Italics, Bold or underlined.

Here are some other examples to improve content:

  • Quality writing
  • Beautiful images
  • Real videos

Decent color schemes:

The intense colors, effects create an attitude of disappointment in users because sometimes color reflection is so high, you can’t read out the content effectively. Avoid using very bright and very light colors. Use a decent looking color scheme to impress the investors. As in the finance department, clients are more attracted toward useful information or valuable results, so it’s better to pay little more attention while choosing colors.

Assume, a user is not engaged to your site, is it because of unattractive design? Definitely, it can be the reason. He/she returns to the Search Engine Results Page to explore another site for their satisfaction. And it drops your online ranking.

The design should be well formatted or executed with the association of SEO experts to create a website which is search engine friendly and AltaStreet will offer you helping hands to design an amazing website.

Website Design

Top Web Design Trends that can push Financial Business Services Forward in 2019

Previous years have divulged some amazing web designs. As we have come a long way to continue implementing our creativity in designing part. Here truth is, popular trends have changed and will keep changing in the same flow until the last breath of the world. Now, the next question arises – what comes in 2019? More importantly, that can ring at the ear of Financial Business Services to bring the style in the coming years.

It has been greatly observed that in next year’s, the challenge of unique web designing would become a great threat for many designer companies. That’s why it’s utmost important to keep in touch with all the latest updates formulated in web designing.

Every year we expect something and technology follows the extremely different concept and same will carry in the year 2019. Have a look at how web designing mixes with a financial advisor and equivalent to Financial Website Design?

Mobile friendly

To reap the valuable output from your investment, make the site mobile-friendly. Half of the world is walking on mobile and browsing every minor thing on their personal handsets. Searching over the ‘Google’ search engine is not only a rule these days, but we should carry design that runs smoothly over cell phones. Even Google polishes up its pattern every year; it prioritizes mobile browsing sites over laptops, pc, and tablets.

Effective details

Have you thought why some viewers left your site within the first minute? Why they lost interest from your site? A number of other questions might strike to your head when you finally realize you lose the traffic to your business.

Still have time to redeem your business, add on some accurate or relevant phrases to attract your audience like ‘contact us’ and ‘Take an appointment now”. Try to keep the sentences short plus eye catchy to impress the visitor. Your keen attention will turn your visitors to the customer.

Content originality

Your dream to become a financial advisor like AltaStreet can be fulfilled soon, just need to concentrate on the content parameter. The original or quality content will never lose its importance in the eye of your client. Additionally, relevant content is never being a swamp for any site. Although informative content is good stuff, keep it, in short, is stunning.

As millions of inventions have been created every year, so you can’t predict the future competitor. In fact, you will realize its presence in the later stage.