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Why Good Web Design is Important to a Financial Website

The current digital landscape has significantly transformed how people deal with their finances. Most financial transactions can be done online, and people have come to expect this level of convenience from every financial institution they deal with. 

As a financial advisor, your website should be able to meet people’s expectations adequately. It should be well designed and have features that will make your clients’ lives easier.

For a lot of your clients, your website will be the first thing they turn to when they need more information or have any questions. It’s also going to be one of your most important marketing channels where you can educate people about your brand and your services. A website with a generic design and basic features isn’t going to attract more people to your brand.

Here’s a closer look at how important web design is to your business.

Better Brand Image

Your website plays a huge role in creating a lasting positive impression on your existing clients, as well as the general public. Therefore, it has to be elegantly made using web design best practices, and not just look like it was hastily created as an afterthought. 

The overall style of your website also has to be consistent with your existing branding so that people will remember your company and what it stands for. You have to make sure your logo, color choice, fonts, icons, and images are aligned with your brand image.

In addition, a professional looking website helps create trust among your target audience. It shows that you care about what you’re doing and what people think about you. As probably already know, trust is a huge deciding factor when it comes to choosing a financial advisor.

Improves the User Experience

Aside from looking good, your website also needs to be designed with ease of use in mind. This means you have to carefully think about your page layouts, navigation, menus, buttons and other graphic design elements so that users can quickly find what they’re looking for.

According to a study by Google, 81% of financial consumers want additional digital features and would find them useful. If the basic design of your website doesn’t allow users to easily access the information and the features they’re looking for, then it doesn’t add any value to their user experience.

Higher Search Rankings

Getting to the first page of search results means you’ll get more visitors that will improve brand awareness, and more leads that can result in more growth for your business. 

However, you’ll have a more difficult time improving your search rankings with a poorly made website that doesn’t inspire much confidence in your content and your company. 

When you do get clicks from search results, you want to make sure that visitors will spend time on your site. If they don’t like the look of your page or can’t easily find the information they’re looking for, they’ll just hit the back button and move on to the next search result.

Search engines keep track of user behavior and how much time a person spends on a page. Sessions where the user only spends a few seconds on a page is considered a bounce.

When your bounce rate is high, search engines will put you lower down in search results and will put less credibility on your site. A properly designed website that’s easy to use and provides valuable information will have lower bounce rates and will be much easier to rank for your target keywords.


The quality of your website is representative of your brand. It reflects who you are and how you do business. A well-designed website is not only a great marketing tool, but will also give clients more confidence to give you more business.

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