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Why Good Copywriting is Essential for Financial Services Marketing

Great copywriting is the foundation of any effective marketing campaign, and the financial services industry is no exception. 

Writing for this industry requires even more skill because one has to earn people’s trust and most transactions involve significant amounts of money. The stakes are much higher because it deals with people’s financial futures which directly affects their happiness and standard of living. 

The financial services market is also pretty huge. There are already lots of well-known banks and financial institutions that offer the same services, as well as dozens, if not hundreds, of smaller firms in every city. The competition is fierce and every single one of them has a web presence. 

In order to make yourself known, you need to be able to not only keep up with what everyone else is doing, but also excel at everything you do – which includes how you present yourself to the public. And you’ll need a professional financial copywriter to get there.

Let’s take a closer look at how a copywriter who specializes in financial services can make your marketing more effective and contribute to your business growth.

Educate Your Audience

Your website copy is the only way people can understand who you are and what services you offer. It also lets you differentiate yourself from your competitors. If all you have on your website is generic uninspired information about your brand, then people won’t be compelled to take the next step.

Additional content such as blogs, articles and FAQs will also help your target audience better understand their financial issues and gives you an avenue to provide solutions. It’s also an essential component for your SEO and inbound marketing efforts. It has the add-on effect of allowing you to target keywords and questions that people are asking online.

More Credibility 

A financial copywriter will have a deeper understanding of financial topics and can easily craft content that’s valuable to your target audience. They’ll also know how to share their expertise using words that people can easily understand.

Putting out thin content just to fill up your website won’t do your brand any good. People will get the impression that this is how you conduct business and that you’re not very professional. You won’t be giving them any reason to trust you if you resort to cheap content that doesn’t offer any helpful information.

You could also do it yourself since you already know the ins and outs of the business. But it’s also going to take up a lot of your valuable time which could be better spent on more important business matters. There’s also no guarantee that your writing is going to be as effective.

Give Your Brand a Unique Voice

Copywriting is both a skill and an art. It takes a lot of experience to create compelling content that will resonate with a target audience. It takes more than just good grammar and a wide vocabulary. You’ll also need to know which words will make the most impact on your audience and how to craft sentences that will catch people’s attention.

Copywriters can adapt to different writing styles and adjust their tone to better appeal to their target audience. They can quickly create different versions of a particular piece of copy so they can properly test which ones work the best. This lets you put your business and your offerings in the best light possible, and gives your brand a unique voice that people will remember. Improving brand recognition and increasing awareness is very important and helps you carve out a niche in your market. 

Increase Conversion

Effective copywriting requires a good understanding of sales and marketing tactics, as well as people’s psychology. Copywriters know how to reach out to a target market and can speak to their emotions, as well as their financial sensibilities. 

The ultimate goal of copywriting is to convert website visitors into prospects who may eventually sign up to be a client. A very small percentage of your audience will end up as actual clients, so you have to cast the widest net possible. 

Turning a casual visitor into an interested prospect is the hardest part. But an experienced financial copywriter can create a convincing argument and give people a reason to pick up the phone or send you an email to ask for a consultation.

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