What’s the Best CRM for Financial Advisors?

Before discussing the best CRM software let me discuss what the role of CRM in the financial world is?  A smart and well executed CRM can replace all your manual procedures that make a huge loss of money and effort.  CRM can give you organized information storage and consistent workflow throughout the organization. Using CRM you can access customer data, client’s information, individual record data, etc in just a click. This enables the financial advisors to use the thusly to save profitable time to develop more business as well as to maintain clients efficiently. It not only maintains a strong relationship with your clients but also streamlines your office procedures. Let’s take a closer look to understand how CRM systems are helpful to ease four major complex tasks that every financial advisor faces.

  1. Scheduling
  2. Client History and Organising Financial Planning
  3. Increasing Work Efficiency
  4. Know Your Clients
  5. Consistent WorkFlow

Thus a robust CRM Solutions have now become the backbone of Financial Advisory practice.

Best CRM for Financial Advisors.

If you’re a Financial Advisors, then must require deep knowledge in finance, in addition to fantastic customer relationship management ability. Therefore your business growth depends on how you handled your clients. Therefore the financial sector these days heavily relies on technology and part of that is technology is CRM software which helps in smooth functioning by solving many client needs.

There are few amazing CRM software’s which are in trending in the market too. Here I’ve compiled a list of few top-rated CRM that surely help you what you need.

  1. WealthBox: WealthBox is a secure Web-based CRM for individual financial as well as Enterprises and helps financial advisors w/ activity streams, system reporting, portfolio integrations, and automated workflows. It keeps business connected with clients and staff easily. WealthBox provides all social media activity in one place. Other features include contact management, accounts management, task management, system reporting, portfolio integrations, etc. Pricing :  WeatlthBox  CRM for Basic User – $35 /month
  1. Practifi: Practifi is a business management solution for financial advice. RIAs, IBDs & MFOs now have a system to unify their business from client interactions and sales targets to revenue.
  2. Wealth Advisor CRM: Wealth Advisor CRM is a cloud-based, secure, robust and effective CRM solutions for Financial Advisors with a uniquely responsive and mobile friendly financial website design that allows seeing the layout of Financial Advisor CRM anytime,  on any device. When you have an agile CRM, like Wealth Advisor CRM, everything is organized properly in which you can make charts, graphs, and reports.
  3. InfusionSoft: The Infusionsoft CRM is amazing software that crunches financial numbers that give you a 100% accurate report. Infusionsoft CRM even helps to manage your schedule giving you important information about each contact query. You can even get help with your tax documents utilizing the Infusionsoft CRM.
  4. Junxure: Among the financial Advisors the first question arises. Why is Junxure, the best CRM in the financial world? Simple answers are its satisfaction rate which is above 98% and fast and easy setup that mainly financial advisors love. It gives you a streamlined workflow and consistent high-level service. Junxure cloud offers its services via two products: Junxure Cloud and Client view. Pricing:: Junxure CRM – $44 /month

Financial CRMs are full-featured CRM that includes features such as sales force automation, account, and marketing management for financial planners. Through this, it makes it simple to bill and follow-up as well as assess the survey of your business automatically.


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