Web Designing Tips To Improve Your Bounce Rate

The high bounce rate is always a matter of tension in an online business. When we are accusing our content, SEO and marketing strategies, we should also go in the roots of the platform of your business, which is your website. Sometimes a strong basis can resist getting serious problems. Hence, we came up with this piece, which can guide you to improve your bounce rate.

Here you go with the tips:


Use the eye-catching images.

Do you know? The white space plays a vital role on a website, whereas and too many images on a website can distract or overwhelm people. Always take some time to enhance the quality of the images that you have on your website. Your investment in a high-quality photograph will benefit your website in the long run. The low resolution and Blurry can portray your unprofessional practices and may ruin your chances of gaining a valuable customer. If you are worried about the custom image, use the stock photographs. However, Stock photography has come a long way but now many modern free stock images are not as cheesy as they used to be.


Include social share buttons.


Are you up with the vlogs and Blogs? And do they have social share buttons on every blog? If not, then must read the following:


The use of feature buttons in the corner always allows the readers to easily share your blogs on social media without having to leave your website. This also promotes brand awareness without affecting your bounce rate. After all, you always want a reader to be so impressed with your blog’s content and click off your website to share a post and end up converting!

The use of social share buttons always reminds the users that they can share your blogs, by encouraging those people who can be your potential consumers.


Use colors effectively.


People don’t show interest in those things which they can’t read and see. And they will not read those things that they can barely see either. Thus, always make sure that the text on your website is in different colors and textures so that it can get contrasts from the background. Due to this factor, 99% of books have black text on white paper, because it’s easy to read.

You should never hesitate to play around with colors and different tools, but always make sure the colors that you are using are making sense together or not. It is because; no one wants to read a bright blue font on a green background. As we know that there is not enough contrast and the text will be hard to read. Moreover, that same lime green background will not fit perfectly with a pink font; Adding too much contrast and can also strain users’ eyes. That’s why stick to those colors that complement and fit perfectly with each other well.



Utilize white space.

The white space or negative space is referred to as the blank areas of a web page in between text and images. You may not seem it worthy, but white space is an incredibly important design feature. If you know the effective use of white space then you can easily make a big difference in terms of the readability of your website.

If your website is quite complex and cluttered with too many multimedia elements, then the probability of users getting distracted from the main conversion points can be increased. And they are more likely to exit your site without acting out on your desired call to action. Right there adding your site with correct white space can do wonders to improve your bounce rate.


Include an FAQ.

Being a web designer you should know the importance of communication model, which is incomplete without feedback and FAQ. Thus, having a page on your website, which is devoted to answering the frequently asked questions, should be considered as the most focused part of the design. It can also provide a lot of value for your visitors if your users have burning questions. The FAQ or feedback forum is probably the first place a user look when is up with any question and suggestions. If you don’t have an FAQ page or feedback forum, then your users might become frustrated and exit your site.


We hope our piece helped you to add valuable information.