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The Benefits of AltaStreet’s CMS for Financial Advisor Websites

Here at AltaStreet, every financial advisor website we create uses an extremely flexible and easy-to-use Content Management System or CMS. 

We know that every client has unique requirements. In order to meet each client’s expectations, we’ve developed our CMS to be very simple to use yet very powerful so that website updates are as painless as possible.

What is a Content Management System?

In simple terms, a Content Management System or CMS allows people who aren’t developers to easily maintain a website and add new content. It doesn’t require any advanced technical knowledge or experience. You just need to learn how to navigate the system, which we’ve designed to be very intuitive to use.

What Are The Benefits of AltaStreet’s CMS?

  • No Coding or Design Knowledge Required

Using our CMS platform, you can easily create and upload new posts, or delete old ones that are already outdated. It’s as easy as creating new posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It also comes with text formatting options that allows you to easily edit font sizes and colors, add bulleted and numbered lists, as well as insert images and videos.

  • Easy SEO Implementation

We’ve also integrated SEO tools into our CMS so that you can easily add all the on-page SEO elements that search engines need to index and rank every new page you publish to the web. Our SEO tools will make sure your keywords, titles, descriptions, and meta tags are all optimized to be able to deliver the best results. It will also automatically create SEO-friendly URLs for each page you create. 

  • Seamless Compliance Process

What’s unique about AltaStreet’s CMS is our proprietary Compliance Manager which makes compliance approval hassle free. Anytime you add a new page to your site, it will be automatically sent to your compliance department for approval before it can be published online. This ensures that any new content you add will be always be reviewed and that nothing will be accidentally published without your compliance officer knowing about it. 

  • Easy Maintenance and Highly Secure

While other web design agencies may offer similar CMS platforms, we make it a point to always keep ours updated with the latest plugins and security patches. Others that offer you a one-off or custom-made CMS may not be as thorough when it comes to updates and maintenance. Since we use the same CMS across hundreds of different advisor websites, we’ve fine-tuned our system and our processes to deliver the best user experience possible. 

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