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Steps to Creating Your Financial Advisor Firm’s Brand Identity 

When you think of your favorite brands, the first things that will usually come to mind are their logo and their company’s reputation. This is what successful branding is all about – leaving people with something memorable about you and your company. Of course, you should also make sure that their impressions of your brand are also positive. 

If people are able to remember your name, logo or company values, then you’re already one step ahead of other financial advisors who just blend in with the crowd. 

But how do you create a great brand identity? Let’s take a look at the steps we take to help our clients develop theirs.


Gathering data and information is the first step. We sit down with the client and take time to understand the following: 

  • Who the client is 
  • What the client offers 
  • What their strengths are
  • Who their target audience is 

The answers to these questions allows us to give our client’s brand a clear direction and mission. 

It’s especially important to completely understand one’s target audience. You have to know what they’re looking for and what values they want to see in a financial advisor. Otherwise, you’re just taking random shots and hoping to land on a winning formula that will appeal to them.


Each branding and design project goes through several rounds of brainstorming and evaluation. Great design rarely comes quickly and easily. So we come up with multiple studies and variations, then narrow it down to the best options.

Our designers approach every project from multiple angles in order to come up with a wide range of ideas and concepts.

Listen and Collaborate

Client feedback is essential to a successful end product. Our designers discuss each design with the client and listen to feedback. We then use our years of experience to quickly arrive at a suitable solution. We also give our professional opinion to let our clients know what will work and what won’t. 

We like to discuss things in detail, and understand that this type of work requires a lot of back and forth in order to arrive at the best product.

Revise, Tune and Finalize

Once we’ve settled on a design and branding strategy, we put it through several rounds of testing to make sure it will appeal to your target audience and demographic. If something doesn’t sit quite well with either the audience or the client, we revise and tweak it until it does. 

All this ensures that there are no nasty surprises waiting for you when it comes time to release your new brand into the wild. 

If you’re establishing a new brand or want to update your existing branding strategy, send us a message through the contact form below. We’ve been helping hundreds of financial advisors sort out their branding and design needs for the past 20 years.

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