Stats You Need to Know About Why Branding is Important for Financial Business

You can call a brand is the backbone of an organization. It is an identity that shows the digital presence of a business. The stability and consistency are more successful features to grow business reputation in all the spheres. Get to know promising facts of financial advisor branding that is realistic in nature. Go forward to read about the stats and facts that make branding an important part of a financial website.

Dive into the categories and capture chief information on how branding helps to raise up the financial business.

  • Branding basics
  • B2B branding
  • Maintaining your audience


Let’s get to know all three categories in a more detailed format.

Branding basics

  • The brand signifies the overall image of a business. It includes name, sign, and symbol used to create an alluring brand identity.


  • Brand recognition can be boosted up by 80% with the use of specific color contrast.


  • It is not something that lies inside an organization or business, in fact, it stays in the mind of a customer when it puts a good impression on an individual’s mindset. In this way, the client shares an interaction with your business and your services.


  • Out of 100 best brands, 72% are named with words and acronyms.


  • 90% of dealers are impressed with visual factors like the color scheme.


  • As online content matters a lot, so 69% of marketers prefer quality content over a website instead of direct mail.


  • 33% of brands use the blue color in their brand logo design.


  • For effective results, mobile ads are more preferable over desktop ads.


  • On a monthly basis, 67% leads are generated for the companies who prefer blog posts.


B2B branding

  • B2B marketers have a goal to create a brand awareness which they are following for the last few years. And 89% of marketers think brand insight is a major fact to promote your products and services at a greater extent.


  • 77% of marketers think creating a brand is the most critical part of the business world.


  • 75% of buyers demand branded content to explore the business ideas more deeply but 93% of brands are more focussed on self-promotion instead of general subject or any kind of moral lecture.


  • 91% of B2B marketers are more engaged to create brand awareness using content marketing.


  • 77% of B2B marketing leaders announce branding is critical to growth.


Maintaining your audience

  • Maintaining the audience for your business is essential.


  • On a calculated record, 5 to 7 brand impressions are most substantial before a customer will memorize your brand.


  • The consistent presence of a brand will experience 3 to 4 times of brand visibility.


  • 64% of customers shared value for a reason that they have a relationship with a brand.


  • Half of the total means 50% of people follow more than 2 or less than 4 brands on social platforms, 26% follow 5 to 9 brands and 22% of people follow 10 or more brands and at last 3% of people not in the favor to follow any brand.


Hope this post is sufficient to make you realize how important a brand is for your existing as well as for new start-up business.


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