5 Ways to Improve Organic CTR of Your Website

In organic SEO, there are more than a hundred key metrics that are used to measure the success of any website. Even in the era of paid marketing, the search engine still remains one of the important sources of traffic for the websites which highlights the importance of SEO. CTR plays an important role in Search Engine marketing. So before discussing how to improve CTR for your website let us understand what CTR is in reference to SERP.


Click-Through Rate (CTR) is the ratio of the number of times a result page gets clicked get divided by the number of times it shows up on SERPs i.e. the no. of impressions.


After getting defined in very simple I think everyone is now aware of the importance of CTR for any website. It is extremely important for one who deals with financial advisor websites, e-commerce websites, Lead generation Website or any product-based business website. Here I am sharing five important ways that help to improve your Google click-through rates on the organic SERPs using SEO.


“Organic CTR” refers that we’re not looking at paid ads in SERPs—only free listing organic results are considered”.


In 2015 a very important updation in Google Algorithm RankBrain makes the CTR more important than before. Even high DA sites don’t guarantee to have a high click-through rate. In fact, the survey suggests that good CTR improves your website search engine ranking by greater than 3%. It plays an important role in lead generation websites where effective leads are important like Financial Advisor Website, Job Posting Sites, real estate websites, etc. Let’s discuss the five most important factors that have great SEO impact and also helps in improving your Organic Click Through Rate (CTR ) for your website.


  1.   Search Intent
  2.   Use Emojis in the Content
  3.   Optimized and Descriptive SEO Meta Tags (Title and Descriptions)
  4.   Descriptive and Optimized URLs
  5.   Rich Snippets and Structured Data


Search Intent:  Try to make sure your content is highly informative and relevant to what users are looking for. Relevancy is the most important thing that can help you in improving your organic click-through rate.


Use of Emojis: Use relevant Emojis in your Meta Tags as well as content to grab attention. Google has been experimenting with this in Mobile SERPs since 2012. Emojis makes your page more compelling when indexed in SERPs with Emojis in Titles and Descriptions.


Optimized Titles and Descriptions: Try to write titles and descriptions for humans not for robots. To improve organic CTR, descriptive Titles and Meta Descriptions play an important role in increasing CTR and ranking as well. This is the first thing a user can see in the SERPs and influences a searcher whether he/she is going to click on your link or not. So come up with unique, catchy and creative as per character limit.


Optimized URLs:  Descriptive URL structure is a great way to increase your CTR. It is one place where you should place keywords in order to optimize it. A descriptive URL gets 25% more clicks than generic URLs.


Rich Snippets and Structured Data: Featured rich snippets and structured data always play a key role in improving organic CTR of your website. It is a great way to make your result page look different from the rest of the SERPs.  Generally, most featured snippets are equipped with two parts – the text and an Image.


To round-up, we’ve outlined here with five points, but there are countless ways for you to improve organic CTR and SERP ranking for any website in Google like Website speed, Design, Navigation, etc. This will send important signals to Google that your page is most relevant to the respective searching term which results in more clicks.