6 Reasons Your Business Logo Is More Important Than You Think

Logos have become the ‘most important quarter-inch’ in business.

– Fortune.com

In an ever-increasing market competition it is important for a business to ensure that they are easy to spot. This is where a Logo comes into play. A Logo is a strategic tool that may represent an office, a business, institution, authority or an idea. In the simplest of terms, a logo is a design, icon, or mark that identifies your company. It’s the most compact visual representation of the whole idea you want to share with your customers.

Just like an application logo on the phone screen represents not just the brand but a whole idea of services it provides, a logo represents a lot more than just a brand.

Some of the purposes solved by a logo are as follows:

Representing a Business

A logo is generally a pictorial representation of services provided by a business. It acts as a representative of the summed up idea, the organization wants to convey as well as to quickly grab the attention of the audience by its appearance.

Identity and Branding

A logo acts as an Identity card for a business. It helps loyal customers find your product easily while attracting new customers to check out your products as well. In a market full of similar products, a logo helps your customers to distinguish your product from the others. While designing a logo, it is very important that the colors, shapes, image, and font used must be consistent with the idea that is to be communicated. In short, it’s very important that your logo delivers the correct message about your company.

Sign of Trust

A Logo not just represents the organization but it also represents the ethics, values and customer’s past experience with your product and services. People around the world prefer brands that promise the best quality and customer services. Customer testimonials are very important in branding any business.


Ease of Marketing

Once a brand is established, its logo speaks for itself. It accommodates the brand recognition and makes marketing far easier. It also creates more business opportunities as more and more people want to associate with him a well-established brand.

Global Recognition Distinguish you from Competition

Nowadays successful companies go global in short periods of time. Their logos play a crucial role in making first impressions and attracting new customers helping overcome the language and cultural barriers.  A good logo not only reflects who you are but also distinguishes you from everybody else in the market.

A logo plays a crucial role in marketing and is widely used on Business cards, Stationery, Signage, Vehicles, Uniforms, Web-design, Social Media, Certificates, etc.

Ensuring Sales

In this globalized world, people are drawn to interesting designs and colors. A unique and effective logo generates the interest and pique the curiosity of potential customers.  Many companies like 3M and Xiaomi manufacture a wide variety of products that the customer does not expect them to venture into.  In such cases, it’s their brand logo that ensures people of quality and inspires them to buy the products.


A unique and distinctive logo makes your brand or business easy to remember. This is because of human’s tendency to identify images easily and it’s something that’ll grow stronger and more impactful brand image in the mind of the audience with time.