How to Optimize Financial Website for Voice Search in 2019

It is being claimed by the biggest tech giant Google that by 2020 more than half of the searches that would be performed would be carried out via the voice search methodology. This technological advancement has brought a seismic shift for SEO for financial advisors, whose main aim is to attract customers. The modern day gadgets like mobile devices, smartphones which are featuring digital assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant are invading our lives. Voice search uses speech recognition to understand a query made by a user, and then tries to find an online match that answers the query. To optimize your site with this advanced voice search mechanism is the latest digital marketing strategy for you, providing an advantage over your rivals.

Provide what is searched by the customers. Identify what the local people are searching related to your work. Local information provides a virtual framework for describing your website content for SEO. Optimize your business listing. Keywords play an important role here. The keyword lengths, human linguistic, are some of the factors that play a pivotal role and affect voice search. Long tail keywords are similar to the questions people ask of smart devices. Phrase the related keywords in the form of questions.

Create FAQ pages that focus on the related long-tail conversational keyword phrases. Try grouping common questions on the same page. Natural-sounding questions, phrases must be carried out. Try pulling out information from your own website. Anticipate questions, hyper-specific searches must be considered. Although this requires time this is the best way for SEO for financial advisors. Provide succinct replies to the asked queries. Build up the answers that drive easily readable conversations. This can be achieved by:

  • Regular, periodic information updation.
  • Use of markup language. Data markup is very important for your site, as it defines information and assists search engines to accurately parse your content and understand its context.
  • Creatively form up compelling questions regarding your services that initiate conversation.
  • Obtain feedback, carefully consider the reviews provided.

Test the voice search facility on various devices and on various platforms. Examine the obtained results, how are the results affected by the change of various parameters. Evaluate other websites and their content.

Customers are always fascinated by the practical application of technology. Having an upper hand in the technological applications which are related to your company attract new customers. Voice searches are still in the embryonic stage now but are success defining parameters for your company. Companies spend most of their time optimizing their offers for their online audiences and voice search come handy here.


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