How Responsive Web Design is Effective for Financial Websites

Responsive websites are websites that accept screen sizes and resolutions of desktop, Android & iPhone, tablets and even TV when connecting it with laptop cable.

Creating a financial web design is a kind of challenge for existing or new designers but who have better capability can definitely win the project.

The recent studies have announced the websites which are not well optimized for mobile devices, losing their traffic. So, at the end of 2018, the global traffic of mobile users has grown up by 79%. And still, the websites which are lacking to make itself mobile-friendly is losing the competition without participating.

The web designing, especially for financial platforms, is becoming important. As it can make your business – By putting trust, authority or brand awareness and even break your business if you call the design is responsive but actually, it’s not. And banker, financial institute and insurance companies haven’t time to upload every detail on desktop, mobile, and tablets separately. But by creating a responsive design they can do all the work in one go.

Your Business will be in a great loss if you’re not following a mobile website because visitors will not engage with websites which don’t display well on their device.  It’s a way that forces the users to attack the back button and run to elsewhere.

The responsive web design is more effective for financial websites – yes its true in all aspects.

Creating your website mobile friendly is not an easy task, it takes so much work and innovative plans. At the same, it requires advanced HTML and CSS skills if you have a clear understanding of these languages then go for it otherwise hire a professional designer to bring spark in your website.

The responsive design follows a few steps to help your business:


Content is inserted to a website when the design is finally approved and developed. As we discussed earlier in an indirect way, the content consists of no value if a user is unable to load your website over their mobile or other devices. Make sure the site is responsive so that the content can be rearranged according to your device screen and clearly differentiate the title, subtitle, and descriptions.

Responsive images

It’s another important topic of responsive designing. It is important because it affects your website speed and search engine ranking.

With the user’s browser device, images will be shrunk to display on their web pages. When big or high pixel images are used by designers then that will take some longer time to load over mobile devices and for that, you need to connect with 4G internet connections.

Google gives first preference to responsive websites (mobile friendly sites) then it gives preference to any other device. The responsive design adds special features such as friction free loading, clear visibility and more easy to work on any electronic device when a desktop is not in the condition to work properly.

This type of website can be built by a fluid grid, flexible text & images and media queries. In a meanwhile, your financial website needs to look great and work appropriately over desktop, mobile phones, and tablets.


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