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7 Creative Website Design Ideas for Financial Advisors

Your website is one of the most important marketing tools you have at your disposal. It’s the foundation of your online presence and is the first thing your prospects will check out whether you caught their attention online or offline. 

A financial advisor website has to accomplish 3 main things:

      • Introduce your brand
      • Create a great first impression
      • Collect information from leads

It’s hard enough to convince people to click on one of your links when there are so many other financial advisors trying to do the same thing as you. So you have to maximize what little time people spend on your site and convert as many casual visitors into leads you can nurture.

Let’s take a look at 5 successful financial advisor websites and find out what they’re doing right.

Jackson Wealth Management

financial web design

Jackson Wealth Management caters to high net worth individuals and uses a straightforward theme for its home page. They understand that their target market isn’t impressed by gaudy advertising. Despite using a minimalist approach, everything their leads need to know is above-the-fold. 

The main image is quite simple but definitely appeals to their high-end clientele’s tastes. The main copy is also straight to the point about what the firm does. The navigation options look nice and clean with a clear call-to-action button on the right to schedule and appointment. The Broker Check badge on the bottom right also adds credibility to the brand.

What we like:

      • Minimalist design
      • Great use of space above the fold
      • Clear and distinct call-to-action button

Cornerstone Financial Team

financial web design

The Cornerstone Financial Team home page does a great job of combining traditional family values with modern video marketing. The background video inspires people to start planning their financial future wisely so they can have more time to spend with their families. One of the two call-to-action buttons leads to their Youtube explainer videos, while the other redirects to their Facebook’s webinar page. The videos are not only highly educational and engaging, but also provide a great introduction to their social media profiles where people can easily follow their brand. Their ‘Fee Planning or Free Planning’ slogan is also very catchy and intriguing — making people want to find out more.

What we like:

      • Smart use of video marketing
      • Great tagline
      • Awesome social media integration

Peak Brokerage Services

financial web design

Peak Brokerage Services does a great job at capitalizing on their industry accolades as a highly rated broker-dealer. It takes hard work to reach the top and letting people know how well reviewed they are inspires even more confidence in their brand. 

A lot of important information is visible above-the-fold without looking cluttered. It’s easy to see their phone number, as well as the links to their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

The home page’s main image is great at keeping everything on-brand, and is consistent with the blue and white color scheme of the entire site.

What we like:

      • Accolades and badges inspire confidence in the brand
      • Above-the-fold space is loaded with info but not cluttered
      • Thematic and inspirational images

Husk Trading & Investments

financial web design

Husk Trading specializes in the farm and agribusiness sector, and it definitely shows. They’ve chosen several great-looking images that will not only appeal to their target clients, but also lets people immediately know what type of industry they specialize in. Their copy is also simple yet manages to stay on-brand with the use of the word ‘growth’. The color scheme of green and gold they’ve gone with is very pleasing to the eye and blends well with their main images. 

What we like:

      • Magazine worthy images
      • Clear branding
      • Great choice of colors

Ferguson Johnson Wealth Management

financial web design

Ferguson Johnson Wealth Management’s website is clean and simple which is never a bad thing. It’s still very pleasing to the eye because it uses a lot of whitespace. The foreground image isn’t very large and doesn’t take up the whole screen. It also does a great job at supporting the main copy’s message. In addition, the background image gives the page some much needed color.

When you land on the page, the text at the bottom of the fold invites you to scroll vertically. Once you start scrolling, you’ll see that the copy and design elements are nicely arranged using grids. 

What we like:

      • Good use of whitespace
      • Clear messaging
      • Nice looking layout

Passage Global Capital Management

financial web design

This firm touts the use of advanced technology and quantitative analysis to provide investors with the best returns. Their main selling point is a bit harder to visualize so they chose abstract motion graphics to give the site a more modern look. 

The color theme above the fold is dark, which adds to the modern image. It’s also minimalistic with nothing much to read aside from the main copy and the navigation buttons. But if you click the arrow, it scrolls down to sections with a light theme and where more information can be easily read.

What we like:

      • Creative motion graphics/animation
      • Abstract imagery
      • Good use of contrasting color schemes

Avalon Investment & Advisory

financial web design

Avalon is a Houston-based financial advisor and their website reflects their heritage. Here we see a pretty simple home page with very minimal copy, the company name, and a button for client login. What does stand out though is the really nice pictures of familiar locations around the city. This gives it a very homey feel that will sit well with locals who are looking for someone they know they can trust. 

Once you scroll down, it’s still pretty simple. You’ll discover that they’ve been in business for two decades and they list all of their team members (totaling to over 60 people), which gives people the impression that they can be trusted.

What we like:

      • Images of the city helps target local audiences
      • Simple and straightforward design
      • Effective copy that gives people confidence in the team

If you want to have a great-looking website that will reliably drive up conversions for your firm, contact us today at AltaStreet through the Contact Form below. We’ve helped hundreds of financial advisors over the last two decades sort out their website and digital marketing issues. 

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