Why Mobile Friendly Website Matters for Financial Advisors?

Are you reading this on a mobile device? If not, you might be in the minority.

The internet allows people to access businesses and information in seconds. Advances in mobile technology mean that they can do so while on the move. Understandably, this is what busy people want.

In regards to shopping trends, shoppers using mobile devices overtook shoppers using PCs and laptops in mid-2013!

The financial sector is not renowned for being trendy. If you have a financial company, however, note that technology is changing because your customers are. If your customers’ needs change and you do nothing to satisfy them, they’ll go elsewhere.

According to Deloitte University Press: “Financial Services companies have only scratched the surface in using mobile technologies to connect and strengthen relationships with customers.”

If clients are going to be using your services via mobile devices, they want to be assured of the same levels of security they would get using a PC. This is particularly important in the financial industry. Fortunately, making your site mobile ready isn’t just about how it looks, but how it works.

The first step in using mobile technologies to satisfy your customers – and to attract new ones – is to make your financial website mobile ready. Don’t waste time developing an app for mobile users. They are hit and miss, and can be expensive. Getting your website mobile ready is the quickest and most robust solution to meeting your customers’ current needs.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should get your financial website mobile ready today:

Customers Want to Use Mobile Devices to Connect to Financial Companies

For many internet users, their first experience of using the internet will be via a mobile device. By 2019, it is estimated that 2 billion people will use mobile banking to track their income and outgoings, transfer money, trade stocks, budgeting, and much more.

Consumers’ desire to access the internet via mobile is not a prediction. Mobile use has already overtaken the use of PC’s to connect to the internet in various circumstances. Financial companies in the know are attempting to satisfy the growing demand.

Google Loves Mobile

Google favors sites that are mobile ready. Growing numbers of search users want to access sites via mobile devices, so Google prioritizes mobile-ready websites in search results.

According to Google, consumers turn to their search engine at any time of the day, no matter where they are, using mobile devices. People want to know things instantly: where to go, what to do, what to buy. Smartphones are the most convenient way of getting this information while on the move. People always have their phones with them.

After releasing its first mobile algorithm in April 2015, Google now say that more searches in the US come from mobile devices than from laptops or desktop computers. This trend is growing around the world.

Mobile Ready Sites Provide the Best User Experience

Creating a mobile-ready site is the best way to achieve the three staples of an effective website.

  • it provides information that its users seek;
  • it allows visitors to find what they want easily;
  • it is aesthetically pleasing.

For an insight into how frustrating it can be to access a traditional website via a smartphone, we simply recommend that you try it!

Ensuring that your site is mobile ready, however, means more than creating a site that works on smartphones. Responsive design means that your site will work on all kinds of operating systems, browsers, and devices.

What this means is that your visitors – your potential customers and repeat customers – can access and use your site however they choose.

If you want your users to subscribe to your mailing list, take advantage of offers, and sign up, you need to make it as easy as possible. Even on a tiny screen, users want a seamless navigation experience. Everything should still be easily-accessible, requiring as few clicks as possible. If you want these people as customers, you need to make sure that they can read text on your site and fill out forms.

You don’t want to exclude swathes of people who are interested in your business but cannot sign up because your site is incompatible with their particular device or platform. Responsive design makes your site so flexible that no matter how someone views your content, it looks good and remains navigable.

Responsive design suggests a responsive business

Your customers will be demanding faster and better engagement in 2017. You can deliver this by adapting your site so that it is mobile ready. Enjoy more traffic from Google, better customer engagement, and higher retention of clients.

Your customers are increasingly using mobile to connect with services like yours. They want more information, they want it faster than ever, and they want to be able to act on it quickly. If the technology to satisfy them exists – and it does – we don’t think it’s too much to ask!

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