How Much Content You Should Add in Financial Advisor Website?

Have you ever visited a website and been bombarded with information? You know what I’m talking about… a website that is so packed with content it probably could have its own episode of Hoarders.

writing content for your target audienceThe average website visitor won’t spend a large amount of time digging through all the pages of a website. Often, when a visitor is presented with a page with excessive content they become frustrated; they can’t quickly find what they are looking for and will leave the website.

When writing content for your website you want to consider the following:

Who will be reading this?
What is most important?
What should the visitor do after they’ve finished reading?
When writing content for your website, make sure you understand the audience. Write to them, and as a general rule, write to an 8th grade reading level. Try to distill the information to only the most important topics, then use that simplicity and brevity to your advantage. Encourage the reader to contact you or sign up on the website for something you have to offer.

Fine tuning your content will turn a website with too much information into an informative, lead-generating website.


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