The Value of Going Off Topic in Your Blog

Having a blog these days makes smart business sense. Providing content that relates to your market niche is an effective way to direct traffic to your website.

If people search for a product or service, it’s only natural that they would seek out the industry experts to gain the information they require. That eventually converts to more customers for you if you are the expert that’s providing this information.

The downside to this is that writing blog articles within your product niche can be exhausting and exhaustive. Eventually, you’re going to run out of interesting things to say, even if only temporarily. There are only so many blog articles you can write about health insurance before you hit a wall.

How do you keep your blog interesting and engaging enough that people still want to visit it month after month, year after year?

One solution is to go off topic and write articles that aren’t related to your products and services.

Cue the sound of braking tires.

It may seem counterproductive to go off-topic. It can be, if you stray too far from your niche. It would be strange and even disconcerting if a personal finance blog started writing about the latest hairstyles. 

If you keep the content relevant in some way, however, it can be beneficial in a number of ways.


It helps to grow your website traffic organically

We’ll use the example of a blog that specializes in mortgages. Sure, there are plenty of articles you can write about the different types of mortgages on offer but before long you might find yourself in a hole that’s pretty dry and not particularly exciting for the content creators of the content consumers. 

However, there’s a whole host of articles you could write that are not directly about mortgages, but that is relevant to those interested in the housing market.

Sticking with this example, think about the array of subjects that the average home-owner or potential homeowner might be interested in. There’s a world of topics to explore. 

Subjects such as home renovation, interior design, how to add value to your home, how to pick the perfect house, and how to save for a deposit are all going to attract people to your website without writing about mortgages directly. These are all interesting subjects that people want to know and read about, enticing them to your site and improving your brand recognition and thought leader status.


It’s a chance to be more creative

Going off topic gives you a chance to flex those creative muscles and create content with more style and personality. You can still be professional and reflect the tone of your business, but if your subject matter is personable and relatable then more people are going to be attracted to it. 

Adding a human touch will always endear people and create more loyal followers.


Keep things interesting for the creators

Another bonus of going off-topic is that it prevents you from getting bored of your own blog. This is something many people have a problem with once the novelty or initial excitement has lost its sheen. Too many bloggers give up blogging altogether at the first loss of interest. Those who persevere can become complacent, which leads to dull uninspiring articles.

Shaking things up keeps content creation interesting and more exciting for you as well as the audience that reads it. 


It attracts more customers

Many people will visit your website because they’re already interested in the products or services you offer. These customers may have arrived there after performing an internet search and may already be looking to buy. 

Blogging off topic, however, can help attract individuals that are not yet looking to buy your product or service but could be in the future.

As an example, the mortgage blog we talked about earlier could start producing articles about the rental market. People who rent properties are usually doing so until they can afford a mortgage. Writing content that’s relevant to them will turn them on to what you offer. They’ll be more likely to consider you in the future when they’re ready and able to buy their own house.


It can gain an increase in social media followers

Many content creators are seeking to write that one post that goes viral. True, a viral post can send your business into the stratosphere. It’s not easy to do though. And blogging within your niche limits the chances of it happening even more so.

Sharing a standard blog post about mortgage interest rates is unlikely to make the social media world explode. A helpful post on a connected topic, such as easy saving tips, is much more likely to get attention.

Going off topic broadens your audience. The more people you appeal to, the more they will follow you and share your articles.

So there you have plenty of reasons to go off-piste and start creating content outside your niche. Just remember to keep the content relevant to your target audience, if not laser-focused on your product or service.

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