The Benefits of Graphics, Graphs and Charts for Your Financial Website

A site full of text can be informative, but maybe not as interesting or eye-catching as one that uses graphics, graphs, and charts. Especially when it comes to financial information, which can often be complex and text-heavy, breaking things up with an easy-to-read graphic or flow chart offers another way to get the information, making your site more accessible and interesting to a wider range of clients.


What Makes a Graphic Attention-Getting?

Not every graphic or chart is equally eye-catching. To successfully grab attention, consider the balance of text and images in your graphic or chart, not only the balance of words and images on the entire page. The goal of an image like one of these should be to convey information clearly and economically.

When creating an image, try to show rather than tell. Use simple color schemes and legible fonts. Make sure that any text is large enough to read without strain. Focus on sharing key information to keep the graphic minimalistic.


What to Turn Into a Chart or Graph

For financial companies, it makes sense to turn anything with numbers, trends, or other measurable figures into a chart or graph. Remember to prioritize things that are actually of interest to clients or potential customers, of course, not only figures that lend themselves well to a visual format.

Use charts and graphs to give a quick overview or introduction to something on your site. Or add them to a page to back up and showcase your company’s conclusions, suggestions, or predictions.


Modern, Attractive Charts and Graphs

There are many options for charts and graphs, from a standard pie chart to spider charts and Venn diagrams. With today’s technology and design programs, it is easier than ever to create a modern, attractive chart that looks so good your customers might even share it with their friends, adding to your page views and improving your prospect pipeline.

If charts and graphs make you think about pie charts, take a look at the visual representations below. Here are examples of modern charts that effectively demonstrate how they can convey information at the same time as being attractive and engaging.

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