Patricia Dolan

In early 2018 I had the extraordinary good fortune to cross paths with Angela Patrick, Owner/Project Manager for Alta Street.  Right from the inception I instinctively understood that I would be working with a true talent and exceptional human being.

Angela undertook the responsibility of redesigning the Bickling Financial Services website.  In the midst of many calls, emails and conversations she innately had a clear vision of what I wanted even before I had to articulate it.  She has always been the consummate professional.  Angela is patient, thorough, conscientious, warm, engaging, professional and a master at what she does.

Our website looks incredible.  We continue to work together and just recently she improved the site again with a crisp, clear, blog link that is inviting, informative and inspiring.

I have worked with many people during the course of my career.  In a category of her own, Angela is a joy to have become acquainted with, her work ethic is an extension of her, full of integrity, kindness, positivity, exacting attention-to-detail and an infinite amount of patience.

Angela is a wonderful human being and I hold her in the highest regard.