How to Make a Strong Password for Internet Accounts!

Passwords are required for nearly everything now. I think they are so common now people tend not to keep passwords safe or strong. Here are a few tips that might make it a little easier.

Let’s start with what makes a password strong. A strong password, of course, is something hard to guess. Single words from the dictionary are easy to guess and easy for a computer to crack. Try using a combination of words, best if they aren’t commonly used together. Try mixing upper and lower case letters with numbers. If you use special characters also, your password will be even harder to crack. Here is an example of a strong password: 100Blue%Bananas!

Each email account should have a unique and secure password. You email address is the most important internet account you own. If the “bad guy” can gain access to your email they will likely be able to own the rest of your accounts. Your email address is used by most internet sites for resetting passwords. All the “bad guy” would need to do is request a new password from any site you might have an account on.

Having a different password for different types of accounts is important. If your Facebook or Twitter password is the same as your email password, change it! It happens all too often that a “bad guy” finds the password to one account and is able to get into another account with the same password.

Choose security questions and answers wisely. Security questions are meant to make it harder to reset passwords or gain access to an account. But, most security questions are easy to answer because we often put the answers to these questions in public view. Think about it, “What is your mother’s maiden name?” Could the “bad guy” check to see if you are friends with her on Facebook? Consider using an incorrect response on purpose, or if you have the option to write your own question, use it. The tricky part about either of those, is remembering the answers.

Putting these things into practice will help protect your online identity. Be smart and be safe.


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