How Effective are Intranet & Client Portals for a Successful Financial Service Business!

Today’s financial clients are busy people, often unable to spend a lot of time in your office catching up, no matter how important the subject. Clients typically prefer to have easy access to information, communicating from where they want, how they want, to make the most of their own time and resources. The same holds true for your staff, who have to act quickly with the information they have.

Intranets and client portals make this a simple and effective part of your business offerings, keeping your clients happy and your company’s success ever-rising.

What is an Intranet?
Intranet software positively impacts your clients but is not something they directly access. Instead, an intranet is an in-house system that enables employees to safely and quickly share up to date information, even in a time crunch.

Financial companies are often dealing with rapidly changing, highly time sensitive details that have to be communicated to staff and then to clients. With an intranet system in place your employees can easily share and access resources along with information about customers and their needs, so when a customer arranges a meeting or requires an update, the pertinent details are available at each staff member’s fingertips, with up to the minute accuracy and the security and stability your company needs.

Intranets also help get processes and applications running smoothly and staying that way, Different wealth management programs and policies require various levels of approval. With an intranet, you can streamline this workflow so that a client is not waiting any longer than needed.

With a well-designed intranet network in place every member of your staff will have the resources they need, and the ability to send information along, with an effective and efficient system that will keep your clients satisfied at every step.

What is a Client Portal?
This is where your company can take a forward-facing approach to meeting your clients’ needs, and providing self-service as appropriate. A client portal allows a similar level of resource sharing, but between staff and financial services clients instead of staff to staff.

With a client portal, your customers can log on and access and share documents, services and information needed to make wealth management decisions.

This is an easy way to share confidential information securely, and provide clients with what they need without requiring an in-person visit, or even a telephone call or an email. Of course, if a client needs more information they can get in touch at their discretion, but the details from the portal can often be enough to answer questions, securely and with easy access at any time.

Client portals can and should be fully integrated into your existing website and branding, so they are an integral aspect of your offerings.

Intranet services and client portals are just a few of our offerings, proven to add value to your company’s site. Let’s work together to make your financial services the best they can be. Contact us today!


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