Stats You Need to Know About Why Branding is Important for Financial Business

You can call a brand is the backbone of an organization. It is an identity that shows the digital presence of a business. The stability and consistency are more successful features to grow business reputation in all the spheres. Get to know promising facts of financial advisor branding that is realistic in nature. Go forward to read about the stats and facts that make branding an important part of a financial website.

Dive into the categories and capture chief information on how branding helps to raise up the financial business.

  • Branding basics
  • B2B branding
  • Maintaining your audience


Let’s get to know all three categories in a more detailed format.

Branding basics

  • The brand signifies the overall image of a business. It includes name, sign, and symbol used to create an alluring brand identity.


  • Brand recognition can be boosted up by 80% with the use of specific color contrast.


  • It is not something that lies inside an organization or business, in fact, it stays in the mind of a customer when it puts a good impression on an individual’s mindset. In this way, the client shares an interaction with your business and your services.


  • Out of 100 best brands, 72% are named with words and acronyms.


  • 90% of dealers are impressed with visual factors like the color scheme.


  • As online content matters a lot, so 69% of marketers prefer quality content over a website instead of direct mail.


  • 33% of brands use the blue color in their brand logo design.


  • For effective results, mobile ads are more preferable over desktop ads.


  • On a monthly basis, 67% leads are generated for the companies who prefer blog posts.


B2B branding

  • B2B marketers have a goal to create a brand awareness which they are following for the last few years. And 89% of marketers think brand insight is a major fact to promote your products and services at a greater extent.


  • 77% of marketers think creating a brand is the most critical part of the business world.


  • 75% of buyers demand branded content to explore the business ideas more deeply but 93% of brands are more focussed on self-promotion instead of general subject or any kind of moral lecture.


  • 91% of B2B marketers are more engaged to create brand awareness using content marketing.


  • 77% of B2B marketing leaders announce branding is critical to growth.


Maintaining your audience

  • Maintaining the audience for your business is essential.


  • On a calculated record, 5 to 7 brand impressions are most substantial before a customer will memorize your brand.


  • The consistent presence of a brand will experience 3 to 4 times of brand visibility.


  • 64% of customers shared value for a reason that they have a relationship with a brand.


  • Half of the total means 50% of people follow more than 2 or less than 4 brands on social platforms, 26% follow 5 to 9 brands and 22% of people follow 10 or more brands and at last 3% of people not in the favor to follow any brand.


Hope this post is sufficient to make you realize how important a brand is for your existing as well as for new start-up business.

How Responsive Web Design is Effective for Financial Websites

Responsive websites are websites that accept screen sizes and resolutions of desktop, Android & iPhone, tablets and even TV when connecting it with laptop cable.

Creating a financial web design is a kind of challenge for existing or new designers but who have better capability can definitely win the project.

The recent studies have announced the websites which are not well optimized for mobile devices, losing their traffic. So, at the end of 2018, the global traffic of mobile users has grown up by 79%. And still, the websites which are lacking to make itself mobile-friendly is losing the competition without participating.

The web designing, especially for financial platforms, is becoming important. As it can make your business – By putting trust, authority or brand awareness and even break your business if you call the design is responsive but actually, it’s not. And banker, financial institute and insurance companies haven’t time to upload every detail on desktop, mobile, and tablets separately. But by creating a responsive design they can do all the work in one go.

Your Business will be in a great loss if you’re not following a mobile website because visitors will not engage with websites which don’t display well on their device.  It’s a way that forces the users to attack the back button and run to elsewhere.

The responsive web design is more effective for financial websites – yes its true in all aspects.

Creating your website mobile friendly is not an easy task, it takes so much work and innovative plans. At the same, it requires advanced HTML and CSS skills if you have a clear understanding of these languages then go for it otherwise hire a professional designer to bring spark in your website.

The responsive design follows a few steps to help your business:


Content is inserted to a website when the design is finally approved and developed. As we discussed earlier in an indirect way, the content consists of no value if a user is unable to load your website over their mobile or other devices. Make sure the site is responsive so that the content can be rearranged according to your device screen and clearly differentiate the title, subtitle, and descriptions.

Responsive images

It’s another important topic of responsive designing. It is important because it affects your website speed and search engine ranking.

With the user’s browser device, images will be shrunk to display on their web pages. When big or high pixel images are used by designers then that will take some longer time to load over mobile devices and for that, you need to connect with 4G internet connections.

Google gives first preference to responsive websites (mobile friendly sites) then it gives preference to any other device. The responsive design adds special features such as friction free loading, clear visibility and more easy to work on any electronic device when a desktop is not in the condition to work properly.

This type of website can be built by a fluid grid, flexible text & images and media queries. In a meanwhile, your financial website needs to look great and work appropriately over desktop, mobile phones, and tablets.

How a Professional Financial Copywriter is Helpful in Business Growth?

The financial business revolves around the content. The maximum percent of a business depends on the golden words you have written so far.

The financial business sounds boring or less interesting as money is a serious matter but financial copywriting services don’t have to be dull or colorless. If you’re communicating with the audience via chat, you don’t have to waste their time either write which is relevant to your discussion or end up the chat with beautiful words like ‘nice talking you’, ‘take care’ and few others. You can say content is the soul of a business, you can’t succeed without it.

Therefore, the financial industry always requires a creative writer who can make blogs, posts, and ads attractive for their customers. And here the question is, what makes you a qualified copywriter? A certified or qualified writer is one who has the capability to write innovative words in their content and it helps the business owner to sell their services easily. The news writing or editorial writing is all about encouraging the public to implement some action.

Suppose, if an individual is reading finance article in a newspaper with each sip of hot coffee, and at last, they get impressed with your writing style, language, then there is a maximum chance that they’ll be inclined towards your business and surely make a call for your services. In short, copywriter plays a crucial role in the growth of your business.

Check out the specifications of a great financial copywriter to enhance your business reputation:

Stronger portfolio

The website blogs, advertisements on social sites, articles, eBooks and offline content are completely depending on the writer. The portfolio you have created so far validate the quality of writing. It helps the client or other companies to take some advice from your resources.

You might have seen there are so many titles that force you to click and at last, what you have found? Disappointment, it diverts customer to another direction, directly or indirectly it influences your organization. The writing pattern should be impressive so that the client feels yes, this is what they want for their website.

Professionalism and client service

The content marketing services know the value of professionalism in marketing, so having a professional writer in-home is essential.

Check out some points like; do they offer a relevant answer in writing? Do they communicate clearly? Do they write exactly what they speak? All these things show the nature of a copywriter and attitude towards the client.

If a new policy is introduced by the company and it’s not gaining any acceptable audience, what step you should take in this? Alluring writing to promote your marketing services; retweets on social sites to manipulate the people and respond to each email with a creative idea.

Write something that looks classy yet easy to understand. Don’t add complex or heavy words that need a dictionary for understanding.

How Local SEO is Effective for Financial Advisors Website?

If anyone asks you; have you ever searched any brand or service on Google? Of course, the answer would be yes and it’s pretty often. According to recent reports, the majority of the audience first hit to Google to search for the relevant resource. In 2019, search engines become a reliable platform; this is the reason why financial advisors are more dependent on these search engines and make promises to help local companies to get more visibility.

Referrals are the better drivers to lead the traffic to a business. It will rank your website higher in search results and even attracts more clients to your business.  

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Here first understand the concept of SEO for Financial Advisors. It is defined as the process of modifying the financial site’s code and content to bring more visitors or clients to your business.        

When you talk about SEO, finance has a completely different tune with it as compared to other industries. Here are 5 tips for financial advisors to enhance business with local SEO.

  1.    Website should be mobile-friendly & fast
  2.    Explore top financial niche keywords on the basis of previous searches
  3.    Optimize your website’s content, Meta descriptions, and headings for top-ranked keywords
  4.    Complete Google my business profile
  5.    Post photos and videos

Tip 1: Website should be mobile-friendly & fast

Nowadays, Search engines are smart enough to give first preference to Mobile-friendly and secure website and as a result leads the rank because:

More than half of the crowd expecting a web page to load within the first few seconds

More than 5 hours a day, the customer spends on their smartphones and US researches said 57 percent traffic comes from smartphones and iPhones

Tip 2: Explore top financial advisor keywords on the basis of previous searches

Google uses RankBrain, a machine learning (AI) algorithm to sort out search results. For your keyword & content, you can get some idea from RankBrain’s previous searches to find out top keywords related to your business. You can also take some help from “People also ask”. There are lots of online free keywords research tools you can use to explore more keywords from your niche:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Ubbersuggest
  • Google search auto suggest
  • Google trends

Tip 3: Optimize your website’s content, Meta descriptions and headings for top-ranked keywords

Think of newspaper’s article heading, it grips your interest and from title or headings, you can analyze what has been written further in the article. Content is the most valuable thing which you can place within the website body section, meta description, page title & in headings

Make sure each page has valuable or informative user-centric content along with powerful phrases. Some content management systems have plugins to put these in the backend but if not, immediately bring AltaStreet agency to your mind.

Tip 4: Complete Google my business profile

If you want to grow local SEO ranking, need to get in a pack of local map listings in the search results. Google My Business profile brings all the local listings.

It is ranked your firm on Google maps for local searches but Google needs data to display on your profile such as:

  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • Availability
  • Reviews
  • Discount coupons

Tip 5: Post photos and videos

Photos and videos rise up the user’s experience. But search crawlers couldn’t able to identify the images, so add a little information along with posted photos and videos to make it clear what’s mentioned inside them.  

Consequently, compare your business with other competitors on the basis of these tips.  

6 Key Values That Make Web Design Attractive For Financial Websites

Web design is not just an art to visualize, its a collection of different skills to make a website more fascinating in all spheres – typography, background, color scheme, layout and content. All features are infused together when you have a clean and clear direction that guide you about the aspects of design that run towards a common goal.

Develop a website that deals with products and services are quite easy but when it comes to Financial web design, lots of parameters need to be considered. As financial website seems boring, only a few can successful to turn it into an attractive site. Still, have time to renovate your site by concentrating on 6 key values that make it more alluring platform.

  1. Mobile friendly

With time, technology has improved but the bad news is some website designs fail to give mobile experience to users. According to Google, half of the researches have done over smartphones instead of laptop and tablets. The site should be mobile-friendly which can easily run on Android and iPhones.

  1. Improve SEO

Keeping your financial website up with Google and other search engines is a little critical situation. Carefully examine the website design because Google uses various methods to check the effectiveness of your designing. And the good design will get a higher ranking over search engines. Design is not a single key element that makes it unique from other sites; it can be high conversion rates and increased business.

  1. Fast loading

In a busy schedule, no one has time to spend on loading and even no one likes to wait for your site to load. Create a site that can easily browse whether you have a slower internet connection. There are plenty of Google tools to check your website speed, implement them and improve the speed of your site.

  1. Add infographics

Infographics are a more reliable concept. No doubt written content plays an important role but graphic puts great impression over the viewer. Image with attractive content is a more powerful tool to make the design pleasant looking. It impresses the user at his/her first glance.

  1. Easy navigation with animated technology

When a user browses a website, what they look first? Design, then they move to other features. The navigation should be attention-grabbing to offer user experience. Nowadays, there is a trend to replace standard navigation with animated navigation technology. It enhances the traffic to your site when the user finds something unique.

  1. Brand image

Some designers forget to think about what brings the audience to their site. They randomly pick an image and use it but the brand image should be professional and eye catchy. Glossy button, loud colors can be used for other platforms but for a financial site, they may not be right.

The AltaStreet is a professional looking website to give you exact designing what you’re expecting. Set a goal and then hit the right designers to get successful website design.

How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Business?

The power of social media can never be undermined in the age that we are living in. From people posting pictures of every meal they eat to any new endeavors that they have taken up – it is something that is trending and is here to stay.

With social media expanding majorly, so are new apps making their way into people’s lives. But, why is Facebook so hyped up? Why doesn’t any other social media app doing the same networking as Facebook is? Let’s explore more:

Why is Facebook a Hub for Networking?

From creating groups to posting things as your status, your approach to marketing can be as creative as it gets. For instance, you want people to spread the word about a new venture you’ve taken up. Gone are the days where word of mouth was a thing, and was reliable.

So, about your new venture, you can first start off by posting it as your status, giving a brief of what your venture is all about and sharing it amongst your friends. Now, this move will give your Facebook friends an update on what you are doing.

You could create a page for your new venture and share a few snazzy pictures – you can even use the trending hashtags so that people can relate to what they’re seeing.

You could ask your friends to share this page for your new venture – this way you are not limiting your circle to only your friends, but expanding to friends of friends. This could be considered promotion of the business on a minuscule level. But what you are really doing is spreading the idea of your new venture around.

Connections are Everything

Networking is key to get the word out there – and we mean it. It is imperative to make those meaningful connections with people to bolster the growth of your business. Let’s get to the facts – over two billion people use Facebook every month. With such high numbers as Facebook users, it becomes a lot easier to connect.

For every minute an average American spends on his/her phone, he/she is using either Instagram or Facebook. What better way exists than to use Facebook’s very own messenger to connect? With seamless communication with the right people, you will see your new venture booming into business.

Literally, everyone has the messenger installed on their phones. You can take advantage of this to maneuver your business in the right way. And it works the other way around too.


For instance, if your friend’s friend is interested in knowing more about this new venture, then all he/she has to do is ping on you on Facebook – that really is a start!

About Facebook Ads

With advertising on Facebook, what you need to consider is the people that you want to connect with are right there. Facebook offers a wide audience where you can relay the message and communicate with the right audience by capturing their attention in a way that might perk their ears up.

You can find your audience easily. What we mean is, you can cherry-pick your audience based on demographics, behaviors and contact information. This way you can easily know if your information is making the right impact or not. You can then improvise on your technique and methods to appeal to your audience in a better way.

Now that you have found your target audience, how do you keep them hooked? The hook is essential. Imagine if some content that you are interested in is available on the Internet, but it is presented in a drab or haphazard manner.

Would you still read the content with the same amount of enthusiasm as you had when you started off? We’d like to think not. So, to address such issues, Facebook ad formats are not only eye-catching, but they are also flexible and versatile. What we mean by this is that these engaging ads work on virtually every device and connection speed.

And, the best part? You can measure your results against what you started. You can use various ad reporting tools that Facebook has to see how the ads have made an impact. The reports for these ads are reader-friendly – the reports are visual and easily understandable at a glance. So, essentially, this platform makes it easier for you to know where you started off and where you stand currently – gives you a comprehensive analytics data of your page.

We’d consider such promotion and branding not only cost-effective, but also result driven. If you think that something is not working out in the right way, you can always tweak how you are promoting your business in a way to entice your target audience. You can always have break points in between to measure the impact so far.

Promote Virtually Everything

The traditional and conventional word-of-mouth does work when the audience is limited to a close circle. But, if you are aiming for promoting your business in a faster way, then you need to put your new venture out there and sell it in a way that tempts your audience.

And, this concept does not have to be limited to just a new business or a venture. It could be for selling your used stuff or even procuring what you are looking for.

So, don’t limit Facebook to just chat with your best buddies. Go on, and explore the world of Facebook in a way to give your new venture a definition.

About the Author

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How Logo Design Impact On Your Brand Image?

When you’re more focused to build up a business with the involvement of all elements then you might think designing a logo is not so important. But you’re wrong it is.

A logo is a first to grow up your brand image and it gives an identity to your business. If your logo is strong enough, for sure nobody will stop you to touch the horizon.

Presently, there are a bunch of companies revolving here and there offering services like financial advisor branding, web development and digital marketing. But the truth is if your brand doesn’t have an attractive and proficient logo design, you lose the success. The proper and up to the mark logo design is only appreciated when you have in-depth knowledge of the context.

Most of you may confuse between logo designs, branding and identity design but all these aspects have a different meaning. At the end, their motive is same; they represent the true image of business or product. In almost all cases, logo is the first priority to understand business belongs to what. Suppose if you use a logo to represent financial advisor but that logo is more associated with restaurant then this will hurt the business’s present reputation.

Let see some logo design facts that impact on your brand image.

  • A professional designer team to emit what is real
  • A powerful logo influences customers
  • Smart symbol in logo design can indicate the whole story of your business
  • Bring the brand to the next level
  • Perfect logo design leads traffic to a site

When a customer wants your business services, they first look at the logo. They will prior make an image in their mind about your business. Whenever you create a logo make sure that is unique and impressive at first glance of the user.

This defines every detail you have used in the logo design will put a heavy impact on your brand.


A coloful logo looks amazing in its own shadow. And as we all know colors can elicit feelings. The proven results show that colourful logo design puts more impression on potential customers. The research said, 84% of people make their decision on the basis of color you used to design a logo.


A logo is incomplete without the use of sign, mark or word that represents the motive of a business. The companies like AltaStreet specializes in websites can guide you what is good for your brand. The English alphabets can also be employed in logo design and it can be a memorable design for users.

In the mad race of competition, go with innovative and classy looking logo designs. A logo is well presentable if it helps you to understand the main idea behind its building.

How Social Media Is Helpful For Financial Advisors In Brand Awareness

These days, social media is no longer an option, its a proven key employed to gain brand awareness and build a stronger bond with clients. Many of you might think social media is not a good strategy for financial advisors as its too expensive to cope up with but the truth is, it’s a leveraging scope to start up your brand globally.

Moving further with some tips you need to understand how to succeed using social media:

  • Recognize what, when and where to post
  • Deeply research and study of social media where you have accounts
  • How to engage followers
  • Understand the posting pattern to attract more investors

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are most used social media. The maximum users have their account on all these sites, so it is a very recognizing way to awake the audience about your brand. Today advisors are well aware of all sites but where they lack? Half of the generation doesn’t know which button is to pull and push to enlarge marketing campaigns. Here they make mistake just to get money by any chance possible. Follow prolong running strategies to enhance financial advisor marketing services using social media:

Add exclusive content:

Influencing content speaks itself. Unique or alluring writing is a successful tool to impress readers. Try to add phrases in your text to hold the attention of your audience on your brand. If you share irrelevant content on social channels, users will discard it and badly criticize it. For an advisor, to the point text have a healthy impact than putting a story. Investors want reliable policies, so try to link with their mind.

Share short videos:

Video is an incredible factor you can add for the purpose of brand awareness. Create short videos on how to sign up, financial site demos, animated video clipping and etc. You can add fun elements too but only where it is applicable. Practical knowledge is more deciding tool than explaining in words.

Consistent posting:

Your posting content will take time to divert investors to your business. So, its better to frequently advertise your brand. You’ll not see results overnight because there is no magic going to happen with your starting posts. Time and again, attractive or creative posting will bring new users to your brand or business.

You may have seen an advertisement for a number of sites like AltaStreet, Financial advisor website, they try to pull up every context in minimum length and time and we think it the best idea to get aware of what they’re offering.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded, all you need a perfect marketing plan. Don’t jump to all social channels at a time, firstly start with one and once you mastered it, then expand your wings to other social sites.

How Can Website Design Affect SEO Results On Search Engines?

SEO is not just a long-running game of keywords. Obviously, keywords have special importance in SEO, but Google is much sharp to recognize the overall reputation of your business.

How your site deals with search engines, it depends upon design, on-site optimization and user’s experience. As search engines like Google come closer to SEO, it has arisen a fashion to design every element of a site to put a heavy impact on Search engine optimization.

The web designers who have the capability to design emotions/dreams of users lean to be more successive to influence SEO. Having creative minds in a company allows a site to capture the soul of a user and strike search ranking in a robust form. The Financial Website design is one of the elementary aspects that have a positive or negative impression on final outputs.

What are the facts, a website design must have to strike the top rank?

Perfect layout:

A clear or beautifully created layout is a big factor to engage users to your site. With this pattern, users can easily get their answer and will return back to your site soon. Avoid adding over sized images that discard the appearance of content over a site. The incorrect layout shows bad SEO designing. Add relevant blogs and other content but only if required.

Content size:

After putting content to a site, analyse content size properly. A fragile content is useless in SEO. Need to fix extra space, font style, Titles and details. If you want to add testimonials, put it in double commas like “ ”. Keep in mind where content should be small or large in size, which portion should be Italics, Bold or underlined.

Here are some other examples to improve content:

  • Quality writing
  • Beautiful images
  • Real videos

Decent color schemes:

The intense colors, effects create an attitude of disappointment in users because sometimes color reflection is so high, you can’t read out the content effectively. Avoid using very bright and very light colors. Use a decent looking color scheme to impress the investors. As in the finance department, clients are more attracted toward useful information or valuable results, so it’s better to pay little more attention while choosing colors.

Assume, a user is not engaged to your site, is it because of unattractive design? Definitely, it can be the reason. He/she returns to the Search Engine Results Page to explore another site for their satisfaction. And it drops your online ranking.

The design should be well formatted or executed with the association of SEO experts to create a website which is search engine friendly and AltaStreet will offer you helping hands to design an amazing website.

How Financial Marketing Services is helpful to convert website Visitors into Clients?

The Quotation; “the first impression is the last impression”, really works for this article.

You’d expect unconditional traffic to your site which directly means you want more customers and high sales rate, yet it’s not working so? Why? Simply, traffic is not sufficient if that’s not able to convert your website visitors into clients.

Move on further to understand how AltaStreet transfer visitor into a client for Financial Advisor Website Services.  There are a bunch of factors reside behind this statement, we’ll discuss that step by step.

Here is a list of crucial financial Marketing services:


SEO contributes to bringing your website up in top results over search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Technical support and innovative minds join hands to drive traffic and spread awareness regarding business, brand or product. Make sure your website is responsive and optimized for search engine results, to visualize by the customers.

Social Media Marketing:

To play the game of social marketing, informative enrich or relevant content you have to collect. The promotion can be done on different social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Write down the eye catchy content pertinent to financial services, post the ad over Facebook, Instagram to grab the attention of your customers and wait till they make a call for their next project.


The PPC (Pay-per-click) marketing is helpful for financial companies in the promotion of financial services. It’s absolutely risk-free service you can adapt for your site. It creates uncountable calls to make inquiries about the financial requirements of the business.

Your website plays a vital role to take attention of the customers. You should make the landing page informative plus attractive because user stays longer when they find relevant or good stuff on the landing page at the starting seconds. Otherwise, they lose interest and get back to another source.

Below are the required things you have to add in your website for better results:


You can say, content is the main accessory of your website. Make a killer strategy for a long term goal and here important point is be turned out about to whom you’re promoting? Who is your targeted audience? Where you are offering services?

Everything should be cleared in the content section; tiny to vast. The more audience turns into a client when they have found good opportunities to know about you well like by posting blogs on the site, highlight main terms, etc. While reading your content, if the user finds it interesting then definitely they’ll get back to you soon.

Add testimonials:

The feedback from the previous clients is another big opportunity to boost up. If you satisfy your clients, surely they left with positive feedback and use that response as a weapon to attract the viewers.

Add all golden words to your site, when visitors read about your work, then again there is a chance they changed their mind. The testimonials are like social proof of your work and your strong bond with your clients. It sounds respectable vibes both parties have shared.

Free trial:

A free trial is an opportunity for the visitor to examine the thing carefully before making a final commitment. Maximum organizations offer free trials to visitors. There are advantages of free trial:

  • Customers do not feel anxiety at the time of the final deal
  • Customers have a chance to quit if they don’t get impressed
  • See the competition level

In an incredible world, the competition is incredible. To convert the audience to your client is not that easy, you’re in a business line to make money. Hence, it’s not just like to create a website and wait for traffic. You have to figure out the finest tools and resources to implement in your work to get the best.