How Can Website Design Affect SEO Results On Search Engines?

SEO is not just a long-running game of keywords. Obviously, keywords have special importance in SEO, but Google is much sharp to recognize the overall reputation of your business.

How your site deals with search engines, it depends upon design, on-site optimization and user’s experience. As search engines like Google come closer to SEO, it has arisen a fashion to design every element of a site to put a heavy impact on Search engine optimization.

The web designers who have the capability to design emotions/dreams of users lean to be more successive to influence SEO. Having creative minds in a company allows a site to capture the soul of a user and strike search ranking in a robust form. The Financial Website design is one of the elementary aspects that have a positive or negative impression on final outputs.

What are the facts, a website design must have to strike the top rank?

Perfect layout:

A clear or beautifully created layout is a big factor to engage users to your site. With this pattern, users can easily get their answer and will return back to your site soon. Avoid adding over sized images that discard the appearance of content over a site. The incorrect layout shows bad SEO designing. Add relevant blogs and other content but only if required.

Content size:

After putting content to a site, analyse content size properly. A fragile content is useless in SEO. Need to fix extra space, font style, Titles and details. If you want to add testimonials, put it in double commas like “ ”. Keep in mind where content should be small or large in size, which portion should be Italics, Bold or underlined.

Here are some other examples to improve content:

  • Quality writing
  • Beautiful images
  • Real videos

Decent color schemes:

The intense colors, effects create an attitude of disappointment in users because sometimes color reflection is so high, you can’t read out the content effectively. Avoid using very bright and very light colors. Use a decent looking color scheme to impress the investors. As in the finance department, clients are more attracted toward useful information or valuable results, so it’s better to pay little more attention while choosing colors.

Assume, a user is not engaged to your site, is it because of unattractive design? Definitely, it can be the reason. He/she returns to the Search Engine Results Page to explore another site for their satisfaction. And it drops your online ranking.

The design should be well formatted or executed with the association of SEO experts to create a website which is search engine friendly and AltaStreet will offer you helping hands to design an amazing website.

How Financial Marketing Services is helpful to convert website Visitors into Clients?

The Quotation; “the first impression is the last impression”, really works for this article.

You’d expect unconditional traffic to your site which directly means you want more customers and high sales rate, yet it’s not working so? Why? Simply, traffic is not sufficient if that’s not able to convert your website visitors into clients.

Move on further to understand how AltaStreet transfer visitor into a client for Financial Advisor Website Services.  There are a bunch of factors reside behind this statement, we’ll discuss that step by step.

Here is a list of crucial financial Marketing services:


SEO contributes to bringing your website up in top results over search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Technical support and innovative minds join hands to drive traffic and spread awareness regarding business, brand or product. Make sure your website is responsive and optimized for search engine results, to visualize by the customers.

Social Media Marketing:

To play the game of social marketing, informative enrich or relevant content you have to collect. The promotion can be done on different social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Write down the eye catchy content pertinent to financial services, post the ad over Facebook, Instagram to grab the attention of your customers and wait till they make a call for their next project.


The PPC (Pay-per-click) marketing is helpful for financial companies in the promotion of financial services. It’s absolutely risk-free service you can adapt for your site. It creates uncountable calls to make inquiries about the financial requirements of the business.

Your website plays a vital role to take attention of the customers. You should make the landing page informative plus attractive because user stays longer when they find relevant or good stuff on the landing page at the starting seconds. Otherwise, they lose interest and get back to another source.

Below are the required things you have to add in your website for better results:


You can say, content is the main accessory of your website. Make a killer strategy for a long term goal and here important point is be turned out about to whom you’re promoting? Who is your targeted audience? Where you are offering services?

Everything should be cleared in the content section; tiny to vast. The more audience turns into a client when they have found good opportunities to know about you well like by posting blogs on the site, highlight main terms, etc. While reading your content, if the user finds it interesting then definitely they’ll get back to you soon.

Add testimonials:

The feedback from the previous clients is another big opportunity to boost up. If you satisfy your clients, surely they left with positive feedback and use that response as a weapon to attract the viewers.

Add all golden words to your site, when visitors read about your work, then again there is a chance they changed their mind. The testimonials are like social proof of your work and your strong bond with your clients. It sounds respectable vibes both parties have shared.

Free trial:

A free trial is an opportunity for the visitor to examine the thing carefully before making a final commitment. Maximum organizations offer free trials to visitors. There are advantages of free trial:

  • Customers do not feel anxiety at the time of the final deal
  • Customers have a chance to quit if they don’t get impressed
  • See the competition level

In an incredible world, the competition is incredible. To convert the audience to your client is not that easy, you’re in a business line to make money. Hence, it’s not just like to create a website and wait for traffic. You have to figure out the finest tools and resources to implement in your work to get the best.

Top Web Design Trends that can push Financial Business Services Forward in 2019

Previous years have divulged some amazing web designs. As we have come a long way to continue implementing our creativity in designing part. Here truth is, popular trends have changed and will keep changing in the same flow until the last breath of the world. Now, the next question arises – what comes in 2019? More importantly, that can ring at the ear of Financial Business Services to bring the style in the coming years.

It has been greatly observed that in next year’s, the challenge of unique web designing would become a great threat for many designer companies. That’s why it’s utmost important to keep in touch with all the latest updates formulated in web designing.

Every year we expect something and technology follows the extremely different concept and same will carry in the year 2019. Have a look at how web designing mixes with a financial advisor and equivalent to Financial Website Design?

Mobile friendly

To reap the valuable output from your investment, make the site mobile-friendly. Half of the world is walking on mobile and browsing every minor thing on their personal handsets. Searching over the ‘Google’ search engine is not only a rule these days, but we should carry design that runs smoothly over cell phones. Even Google polishes up its pattern every year; it prioritizes mobile browsing sites over laptops, pc, and tablets.

Effective details

Have you thought why some viewers left your site within the first minute? Why they lost interest from your site? A number of other questions might strike to your head when you finally realize you lose the traffic to your business.

Still have time to redeem your business, add on some accurate or relevant phrases to attract your audience like ‘contact us’ and ‘Take an appointment now”. Try to keep the sentences short plus eye catchy to impress the visitor. Your keen attention will turn your visitors to the customer.

Content originality

Your dream to become a financial advisor like AltaStreet can be fulfilled soon, just need to concentrate on the content parameter. The original or quality content will never lose its importance in the eye of your client. Additionally, relevant content is never being a swamp for any site. Although informative content is good stuff, keep it, in short, is stunning.

As millions of inventions have been created every year, so you can’t predict the future competitor. In fact, you will realize its presence in the later stage.

What’s the Best CRM for Financial Advisors?

Before discussing the best CRM software let me discuss what the role of CRM in the financial world is?  A smart and well executed CRM can replace all your manual procedures that make a huge loss of money and effort.  CRM can give you organized information storage and consistent workflow throughout the organization. Using CRM you can access customer data, client’s information, individual record data, etc in just a click. This enables the financial advisors to use the thusly to save profitable time to develop more business as well as to maintain clients efficiently. It not only maintains a strong relationship with your clients but also streamlines your office procedures. Let’s take a closer look to understand how CRM systems are helpful to ease four major complex tasks that every financial advisor faces.

  1. Scheduling
  2. Client History and Organising Financial Planning
  3. Increasing Work Efficiency
  4. Know Your Clients
  5. Consistent WorkFlow

Thus a robust CRM Solutions have now become the backbone of Financial Advisory practice.

Best CRM for Financial Advisors.

If you’re a Financial Advisors, then must require deep knowledge in finance, in addition to fantastic customer relationship management ability. Therefore your business growth depends on how you handled your clients. Therefore the financial sector these days heavily relies on technology and part of that is technology is CRM software which helps in smooth functioning by solving many client needs.

There are few amazing CRM software’s which are in trending in the market too. Here I’ve compiled a list of few top-rated CRM that surely help you what you need.

  1. WealthBox: WealthBox is a secure Web-based CRM for individual financial as well as Enterprises and helps financial advisors w/ activity streams, system reporting, portfolio integrations, and automated workflows. It keeps business connected with clients and staff easily. WealthBox provides all social media activity in one place. Other features include contact management, accounts management, task management, system reporting, portfolio integrations, etc. Pricing :  WeatlthBox  CRM for Basic User – $35 /month
  1. Practifi: Practifi is a business management solution for financial advice. RIAs, IBDs & MFOs now have a system to unify their business from client interactions and sales targets to revenue.
  2. Wealth Advisor CRM: Wealth Advisor CRM is a cloud-based, secure, robust and effective CRM solutions for Financial Advisors with a uniquely responsive and mobile friendly financial website design that allows seeing the layout of Financial Advisor CRM anytime,  on any device. When you have an agile CRM, like Wealth Advisor CRM, everything is organized properly in which you can make charts, graphs, and reports.
  3. InfusionSoft: The Infusionsoft CRM is amazing software that crunches financial numbers that give you a 100% accurate report. Infusionsoft CRM even helps to manage your schedule giving you important information about each contact query. You can even get help with your tax documents utilizing the Infusionsoft CRM.
  4. Junxure: Among the financial Advisors the first question arises. Why is Junxure, the best CRM in the financial world? Simple answers are its satisfaction rate which is above 98% and fast and easy setup that mainly financial advisors love. It gives you a streamlined workflow and consistent high-level service. Junxure cloud offers its services via two products: Junxure Cloud and Client view. Pricing:: Junxure CRM – $44 /month

Financial CRMs are full-featured CRM that includes features such as sales force automation, account, and marketing management for financial planners. Through this, it makes it simple to bill and follow-up as well as assess the survey of your business automatically.

Why Do You need to Protect Website from External Threats & How to Keep it Secure?

With regular technological development and change, it becomes increasingly challenging for businesses of all types to keep their personal and customer’s information on their financial website secure. Web security is preventing hackers and cyber-thieves from accessing sensitive information.  In the absence of a proactive security strategy, spread and escalation of malware have a higher probability. These attacks can spread from computer to computer, making it difficult to find the origin. The hackers not only aim to steal your data or mess with your website layout but also attempt to use your server as an email relay for spam, temporarily set web server, normally to serve files of an illegal nature. Other breaches may include using your servers as part of a botnet, mine for bitcoins or ransomware attacks. Reasons that your site could be a target for security breach are financial gains, access to computing resources. The financial website design should be able to tackle all these problems. Web security can be done by:

  1. Regular software updates: Up to date software is vital in keeping your site secure. This not only applies to the server operating system but also to any software you may be running on your website. Apply for software patches for third-party software on your website.
  2. Prevent SQL injection: This happens when you use standard Transact SQL and unknowingly you insert rogue code into your query, which can be manipulated to alter tables or data deletion. Prevent this by using parameterized queries.
  3. Error messages: The information given in error messages should be limited. This prevents data leak secrets on your server. Show only the information that is needed.
  4. Validation: Validation of both on the browser and server side must be done. Prevent data bypass through your browser, as malicious code or script can be inserted through it into your database.
  5. Passwords: Provide strong passwords to your server and admin area. Minimum character count, the combination of uppercase and lowercase characters etc strategies must be applied. Store these passwords as encrypted values and compare these encrypted values. Use salt password mechanism for enhanced protection.
  6. File uploads: Allowing users to upload files to your website can be risky. The risk is that any file uploaded, could contain a script or code that when executed on your server cause problem. Verify all the website uploads. These files should not auto-execute on your server.
  7. Secured networking: Pay careful attention towards the address bar of the websites before logging into them. This is a must while dealing with financial websites.
  8. Use different emails for dealing with official works and social media platforms.
  9. Use security tools to identify the potential loopholes in your website. These are applications that work on a similar basis to scripts hackers in that they test all know exploits and attempt to compromise your site using some of the previously mentioned methods such as SQL Injection.

How to Optimize Financial Website for Voice Search in 2019

It is being claimed by the biggest tech giant Google that by 2020 more than half of the searches that would be performed would be carried out via the voice search methodology. This technological advancement has brought a seismic shift for SEO for financial advisors, whose main aim is to attract customers. The modern day gadgets like mobile devices, smartphones which are featuring digital assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant are invading our lives. Voice search uses speech recognition to understand a query made by a user, and then tries to find an online match that answers the query. To optimize your site with this advanced voice search mechanism is the latest digital marketing strategy for you, providing an advantage over your rivals.

Provide what is searched by the customers. Identify what the local people are searching related to your work. Local information provides a virtual framework for describing your website content for SEO. Optimize your business listing. Keywords play an important role here. The keyword lengths, human linguistic, are some of the factors that play a pivotal role and affect voice search. Long tail keywords are similar to the questions people ask of smart devices. Phrase the related keywords in the form of questions.

Create FAQ pages that focus on the related long-tail conversational keyword phrases. Try grouping common questions on the same page. Natural-sounding questions, phrases must be carried out. Try pulling out information from your own website. Anticipate questions, hyper-specific searches must be considered. Although this requires time this is the best way for SEO for financial advisors. Provide succinct replies to the asked queries. Build up the answers that drive easily readable conversations. This can be achieved by:

  • Regular, periodic information updation.
  • Use of markup language. Data markup is very important for your site, as it defines information and assists search engines to accurately parse your content and understand its context.
  • Creatively form up compelling questions regarding your services that initiate conversation.
  • Obtain feedback, carefully consider the reviews provided.

Test the voice search facility on various devices and on various platforms. Examine the obtained results, how are the results affected by the change of various parameters. Evaluate other websites and their content.

Customers are always fascinated by the practical application of technology. Having an upper hand in the technological applications which are related to your company attract new customers. Voice searches are still in the embryonic stage now but are success defining parameters for your company. Companies spend most of their time optimizing their offers for their online audiences and voice search come handy here.

How We Can Promote Financial Business with Twitter Hashtags?

Twitter can be used to promote financial business both large and small scale. This social media platform acts as a base to exhilarate of financial business. Hashtags are popular means for this purpose, but the correct usage of this tool is very important. They help in linking the related topic, recognition of various processes like that of financial website development and many more. Hashtags can be used for various purposes for financial business. Some of these methods are described as following:

  1. Visibility: It helps in the categorization of the company and various services provided by it. It acts like an abstract word to define the company.
  2. Service description: Hyperlink of the service description website with Twitter helps in tangible monitoring of the company and service. This helps in easy engagement with the clients.
  3. Tracking: Hashtags are not only supported by twitter but are also compatible with other social media platforms like Instagram In this way tracking of the social media campaign is in an organized way.
  4. Marketing: Event marketing is one such method. Hashtags are associated with a particular event. Various hashtags are created depending upon the event organized.
  5. Digital Chats: Weekly chats are possible with the clients. This chat is controllable with various parameters like chatting speed, blocking and ending a conversation.
  6. Conversational ads: Originally known as promoted tweets, these consist of abstraction call to action button process. It consists of multi-purpose pre-composed messages, custom hashtags as defined by the advertiser for a particular campaign. The buttons let you select an option for re-tweeting. They act like the catalyst for starting a conversation.
  7. Targeting: Hashtags can be used to target a specific category of clients. Clients too can use them to identify if the event is related to their needs or not. They help in the identification of the company characteristics like #startup indicates that the company is new and is at the embryonic stage.

Fundamental guidelines to use hashtags:

  1. Select a memorable title name.
  2. Keep the title as short as possible.
  3. The title must be easy to spell.
  4. The title must be unique and directly indicate your event.
  5. The hashtag must be relevant for the event. A wrong hashtag can also have a drastic negative effect.

Correct usage of hashtags is very important to gain benefits from them. A hashtag can either hit the bull’s eye or can miss the target, it all depends upon its usage.

Beyond SEO: 8 Proven Tips to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Financial Website

Organic traffic refers to attracting a customer or consumer to a particular website without the use of financial advertisement by a referee. The consumer originally needs your services and is in great need of your help. For attracting an individual to a particular website is a tedious job as one has to satisfy the customer’s needs. This is a similar situation which we face when we try to purchase an item like a mobile, car etc. We have to win the confidence of the person sitting on the other side of the system and gain his trust. Some of the ways to achieve this objective are:

  1. Quality of matter: Publishing more information with consistently good quality is indispensable. The main objective of the website is to provide good quality of information as per the requirements of the customer. Degraded quality of information has dire consequences.
  2. Authenticity: The consumer tries to believe what he reads and he must also know that the content provided is authentic. When a customer reads something he should not have a second thought regarding the data served to him. This also helps in the establishment of fame of the website.
  3. Using appropriate keywords: Keywords used should not only try to help in searching the website but also should be able to highlight the key content of the information. They must be deeply rooted to cover a wide aspect to data, covering even the basics of the parent content.
  4. Using social media: As rightly said,” Modern problems require modern solutions”. The use of modern-day tools for gaining dominance in one’s field is not a sin. When we have the resources, there is nothing wrong with using them. Social media can be used to reach common people and directly contacting them to know their requirements and obtaining feedback.
  5. Using internal links: Providing internal links within the website for any other external website, for a detailed description of the main content fulfills two objectives:
  6. The customer feels that he is being sincerely helped by you and feels carefree while dealing.
  7. This also helps in increasing the authenticity of the data.
  8. Evolution: Always try to positively evolve by eliminating the flaws. Constant contact with the customers, obtaining feedbacks (both positive and negative) are helpful in this process. In this way, the customer is able to witness the efforts one is applying to his work.
  9. Allowing incoming links: Based upon the authenticity of another website, allow them to cite your website in their content and directing their customer to your website directly. This helps in the growth of friendly atmosphere with rivals.
  10. Periodic analysis: A periodic statistical analysis of your website is beneficial. It helps you to observe the trends of your website. One can identify the effects (positive or negative) of any change in the policies of the website. This can be done by using Google Analytics or other tools.

These are some of the fundamental key points to increase organic traffic to any financial website.  Neglecting any parameter will have a drastic effect on the rank of your website. One can scrutinize these parameters for achieving SEO for financial advisors.

10 Things to Know Before Making a Financial Website

Building a professional website is essential to growing your business financially. If you want to start a money-making business online, it is the best way to create your site. Here are a few things to keep in mind before making a financial website:

Make your Goal Clear: Firstly, you have to clear your goal so that you can make the design of your site according to your needs and requirements.

Design a Website: You should hire a professional designer who makes a unique and catchy design of your website. For example, if you want to earn money through Google AdSense, then, you must have a financial website design and gives space for your ads.

Choose an Appropriate Theme: There are many free and paid themes available online. You can choose the best one that suits your brand and gives your website a unique look.

Select a Reliable Web Host: To set up a website, it is essential to find a reliable web hosting. There are many hosting platforms available; you have to select the best one so that your website is operable 24 hours, especially if you have a sales website because if your site is not working, then you will lose lots of money.

Buy a Domain: Before making a website, it is essential to choose a catchy domain name to build your brand identity. There are two ways to get a domain name, one is to register it yourself, and the other is to get your web host service provider to register it for you.

Write a Unique and Straightforward Content: If you have to make a website for selling your products, then, make sure that your content is simple so that regular users can easily understand what type of products you sell.

Video Content: You can also add a video content section to your website. Relevant videos help people to know more about your brand and its quality.

Use High-Quality and Relevant Images: Whether a website is related only to give information or to sell products, use only those images on your site that are of high-quality and appropriate so that your website looks more elegant.

Mobile-Friendly: Nowadays, most of the people using mobile devices to search instead of a desktop, so, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you can easily lose your customers or clients because it looks unprofessional website.

SEO-Friendly: Making a website SEO-friendly helps to crawl each page of your website on search engines efficiently. SEO-friendly financial website design increases the indexing chances and ranking your site on the top page which results in the increasing of sale.


Business Logo of Financial Advisor: The Foundation of Your Brand Identity

The first impression is everything in a business. Your company logo is an essential part included in the overall marketing strategy. It is the most important graphical representation that is often the first piece of collateral you share on your business cards or company’s website as well with prospective customers. In fact, the same is the fact with the financial advisors. Well-designed and unique logos that imply a degree of professionalism and competence helps in the branding for financial advisors thus, helping the potential customers choose your company rather than your competitor.

A logo of the financial advisor must convey trust, competence, and stability. An impressive logo is a secret marketing weapon that guarantees the success of the financial advisor who wants to grow the business. There are different types of logos you can select while making ways to your branding and marketing.

Types of Logos

  • Textual Logos: These types of logos utilize different fonts, shapes, and sizes in their formation.
  • Illustrated Logos: These types of logos utilize the illustration in their formation thus transforming your illustration to your company’s logo.
  • Symbolic Logos: If you are fond of abstract designs, these kinds can work well for you as these logos utilize the abstract designs and as well as adopted internationally.
  • Combination of above three: While designing this logo you can utilize text, your illustration, and abstract designs to represent your company logo.

Aforesaid are the types that will help you design an impressive logo for a strong branding of your company. Yet, you as a financial advisor have to consider certain more points to survive in the pool and beat the competition. You likewise have to consider the color, and size font to communicate a message about your overall brand. While working on your logo design you should also take time to learn about your values, factors and your mission that make your business unique from your competitor. Apart from all these things you need to consider other below-mentioned significant elements in your logo designing:

  • Make it timeless
  • Less is more
  • Think adaptable over time
  • The logo says it all

When you’re considering all the factors with high-quality products, services, and positive referrals, it will create a unique and effective image to represent your company’s best qualities. A good logo will do everything for and your business giving you the results discussed below:

  • Grab your customer attention
  • Makes your strong first impression
  • Separates you from the competition
  • Fosters brand loyalty

Developing your brand’s identity is seriously tough to separate yourself from the crowd. Trust, professionalism, robustness, safety, security, and care are the main attributes that your logo should include as it is the integrated part that ensures your presence as a financial advisor.