How Local SEO is Effective for Financial Advisors Website?

If anyone asks you; have you ever searched any brand or service on Google? Of course, the answer would be yes and it’s pretty often. According to recent reports, the majority of the audience first hit to Google to search for the relevant resource. In 2019, search engines become a reliable platform; this is the reason why financial advisors are more dependent on these search engines and make promises to help local companies to get more visibility.

Referrals are the better drivers to lead the traffic to a business. It will rank your website higher in search results and even attracts more clients to your business.  

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Here first understand the concept of SEO for Financial Advisors. It is defined as the process of modifying the financial site’s code and content to bring more visitors or clients to your business.        

When you talk about SEO, finance has a completely different tune with it as compared to other industries. Here are 5 tips for financial advisors to enhance business with local SEO.

  1.    Website should be mobile-friendly & fast
  2.    Explore top financial niche keywords on the basis of previous searches
  3.    Optimize your website’s content, Meta descriptions, and headings for top-ranked keywords
  4.    Complete Google my business profile
  5.    Post photos and videos

Tip 1: Website should be mobile-friendly & fast

Nowadays, Search engines are smart enough to give first preference to Mobile-friendly and secure website and as a result leads the rank because:

More than half of the crowd expecting a web page to load within the first few seconds

More than 5 hours a day, the customer spends on their smartphones and US researches said 57 percent traffic comes from smartphones and iPhones

Tip 2: Explore top financial advisor keywords on the basis of previous searches

Google uses RankBrain, a machine learning (AI) algorithm to sort out search results. For your keyword & content, you can get some idea from RankBrain’s previous searches to find out top keywords related to your business. You can also take some help from “People also ask”. There are lots of online free keywords research tools you can use to explore more keywords from your niche:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Ubbersuggest
  • Google search auto suggest
  • Google trends

Tip 3: Optimize your website’s content, Meta descriptions and headings for top-ranked keywords

Think of newspaper’s article heading, it grips your interest and from title or headings, you can analyze what has been written further in the article. Content is the most valuable thing which you can place within the website body section, meta description, page title & in headings

Make sure each page has valuable or informative user-centric content along with powerful phrases. Some content management systems have plugins to put these in the backend but if not, immediately bring AltaStreet agency to your mind.

Tip 4: Complete Google my business profile

If you want to grow local SEO ranking, need to get in a pack of local map listings in the search results. Google My Business profile brings all the local listings.

It is ranked your firm on Google maps for local searches but Google needs data to display on your profile such as:

  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • Availability
  • Reviews
  • Discount coupons

Tip 5: Post photos and videos

Photos and videos rise up the user’s experience. But search crawlers couldn’t able to identify the images, so add a little information along with posted photos and videos to make it clear what’s mentioned inside them.  

Consequently, compare your business with other competitors on the basis of these tips.  


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