15 Stats That Prove the Importance of Local SEO into Your Business

Business! Small or big who cares, but local SEO strategy must be lined up in the important business tasks. Many masses or business owners more focus on global SEO ranking, but what about the local SEO plan. The Financial Advisor Marketing Services start flourishing from the local network, further they connect with international customers. Here we have gathered 15 stats that show the value of local SEO in your finance, insurance, and any other business.


  1. The first concern of potential customers is to look for a local online company. Approximately 96% of people investigate the locally available agency than outside their region.

  2. Around 90% of traffic originating from local searchers.

  3. 72% of visitors explore the company which is closer to their existing location.

  4. 30% of mobile users search for local availability.

  5. 67% of smartphone users click the ads containing their city Zip code.

  6. The computer or tablet users are more target the ads which are customized with their city postal code. The research declares 72% of people are dealing with the same concept.

  7. 46% of searches are on Goggle for local results.

  8. Out of 3 veteran people, 2 go online to visit local agencies.

  9. A total of 28% searches go with the checkout option.

  10. Keywords like ‘near me’ and ‘close by’ arise up by 900% according to a source called chat meter.

  11. 18% of local people purchase the item whereas 7% non-native skip the deal.

  12. As per a recent report, 61% of marketers are giving priority to SEO local ranking.

  13. Quality content and backlinks are two essential parameters to bring traffic to your websites.

  14. Source says 10 countries’ users including the U.S. and Japan are implementing their searches on mobile devices rather than computers or laptops.

  15. Over 63,000 searches per second are measured by Google.


The SEO ranking values your business when you target the right audience. As many business owners know all traffic is not good because some are landing on your website by carrying the wrong ideas in their mind. So figure out the right customers at the right time in order to avoid any irrelevant action to take place with your business.


Hopefully, this article will help you to understand how the local SEO strategy boosts your business ranking on the search engines.


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