Top Effective Digital Marketing Tools Used for Financial Advisors

The right type of marketing services for your financial advisory or wealth management firm is very crucial as it helps you as well as your business to grow as much as possible which eventually helps you to generate a good amount of ROI. The right type of techniques and strategies for your financial advisor marketing services is yet very crucial step for you to follow as it helps you to enhance the brand value, irrespective of the fact that whether your firm is new or years old!

Though, the techniques and strategies used in the field of financial planning has evolved according to the needs as well as the expectation of the clients, but if you are really looking forward to standing out of the crowd than one must understand how to survive and thrive, and this can only be possible if you know how to use the right type of marketing tools for your business!

Further, in this article, we will introduce you to some of the most essential marketing tools for your financial advisors!

10 Digital Marketing Tools for Financial Advisors:

  • Woobox

Woo box is simply a tool which helps to enhance and emphasize on all the interactive contents. This platform is also popular as a turnkey solution for all of the running social gateways.

  • Facebook Power Editor

This tool helps in creating and running all the hyper-specific advertising campaigns. Facebook is constantly making an effort to improvise this platform and add more new as well as useful tools.

  • MailChimp

MailChimp occupies a huge space within email marketing. The main advantage of this platform is the usability and the price which is purely based on the size of the user’s mail list.

If you are new to this field than, this is the best digital marketing tool!

  • Emma

Emma is one of the most robust platforms which contain a whole lot of powerful features and hands-on customer service team only for their clients. This platform contains most of the tools which will help you to start and test your campaigns regarding email marketing.

  • Marketo

Marketo is the solution which is considered as an all-in-one platform for all of the marketing business as it helps to put emphasis on automation as a crucial part of digital marketing tools, while they keep email marketing as a priority!

  • Google Analytic

This tool tracks the visitors on your website on the real-time basis. Help you to identify how the visitors interact with your website & can monitor paid, organic, direct & social traffic easily with it. It can be easily implemented on the website or app with a simple tracking code.

  • Google Ads

Google Adwords now known as Google Ads is one of the most prominent marketing tools of Google. You can run two types of the campaign in it one is search network campaign & the other is display networking campaign. It helps you reach your target audience very precisely. More you spend on this more visitors you get on the website. It’s one of the major brand building tools. You just need to setup your campaign & payment.

  • Screaming Frog

This tool is regarded as a spider tool which has the capability to crawl through various websites or specific web pages which eventually helps you to give a complete view of the performances. The advantage which lies is that it helps in fixing broken links!

  • Moz

Moz offers services as per the requirements, it helps to build up all of the SEO practices like ranking, tracking, monitoring, etc which certainly helps you to improve your SEO listing.

This is easy to use platform!

  • Live Chat

They believe in taking a more proactive approach by conversating with the viewers who come onto their website.

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